9 Little Things You Can Do For Your Partner That Lead To A Great Sex Life

Who wants a better sex life? Basically everybody. Even if you and your partner are burning things up every night, there is always room for improvement (or at least variation). And even if you don’t have the time or energy to perform a complete overhaul of your love lives, there are little things you can do for your partner that lead to a great sex life. Because sometimes even the smallest gestures can lead to big rewards.

You don’t have to install a dungeon in the basement or master some acrobatic techniques, either. Little gestures, such as fantasizing about your partner or making love away from the bedroom, can make a huge difference. After all, it’s impossible to get bored with a partner who’s constantly coming up with new ideas to try out.

Overall, just keeping an open mind and putting a little extra effort into your sex life will benefit both you and your significant other. It’s a great way to reaffirm your bond, maintain your attraction to one another, and simply have fun. So to add in a little spice and keep your partner on his toes, here are some effective and simple tips to keep those fires stoked.



Remember: desire starts in the brain, so keeping your head in the game will only help matters. According to the Huffington Post, thinking about sex will only make you want it more. So reading steamy novels or watching romantic movies together will help your cause.


Take The Lead

Do you always wait for your SO to do the initiating? Try switching things up and see what happens. As explained in Woman's Day, when you take the lead it shows your partner that you don't just view sex as a duty, but something you actively want. And that's a message your SO will probably never get tired of receiving.


Think Outside The Bedroom

Sometimes a simple change of scenery is all you need to keep things interesting. According to Redbook, giving it a go in the living room or shower can reignite your passion. Just remember to close the blinds if you have nosy neighbors.


Make Every Day Special

That lingerie you were saving for a special getaway? Bust it out on a random Tuesday. As suggested in Everyday Health, don't postpone your big romantic gestures — use them frequently. It brings more spice to your everyday life.


Delay Gratification

If sex has become routine, making you and your SO wait for the big finish can really shake things up. According to Glamour, when you delay gratification, it builds suspense and makes things even better. Your partner will thank you afterwards.



You know what works for your body, so share this knowledge with your partner. Speaking up is the only way he'll know how to do what works, and as noted in Fitness, this will only benefit you both. He gets to feel like a rockstar in bed, and you get your needs met. Everyone benefits.


Keep Learning

Hey, you don't have to stop learning about sex just because you've hit a certain age. As explained in Prevention, knowing more about sex will give you more to put into practice in real life. Adding some spicy reading material to your rotation might be all the inspiration you need.


Get Adventurous

An adrenaline rush can boost your sex life. As explained in Shape, if you and your partner enjoy an adventurous date, that thrill will carry over into the bedroom. Whether you ride a roller coaster or just check out a scary movie, you can let the rush fuel other activities.


Make Your Chill Time Hotter

Netflix and chill can become a more legit form of foreplay. As suggested on Today, if you watch movies in bed together, or offer backrubs during commercials, you can make the most of this bonding activity. Although you might not make it to the end of your show.