9 Little Tweaks That Make Sex So Much Better For Women

When it comes to sex, there's no denying that there are a few differences between men and women. You've been hearing it all your life. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and sometimes what they want behind closed doors differs. With two completely different sets of anatomy, it's only natural that the two sexes would crave different things between the sheets. Sometimes it's not always easy to know all of those little tweaks that make sex so much better for women. After all, every woman is different, and people aren't mindreaders. But there are a few universal things you can change up in order to make sure your lady is getting the most out of your sexual escapades.

Even if you're confident that your female partner is having an orgasm every time you have sex, there are still ways to up the ante to make it even better for her. Because even though orgasms are great, they're not all that sex is about. Sex is intimate, bonding, and rewarding when you play your cards right. In order to really blow a woman's mind, take note of these little things, and implement them the next time you're romping around in bed together.


Take Your Time

It's no secret that women take longer to reach climax than men, and nothing is worse than feeling rushed along. Don't be afraid to take your time when you're having sex with a woman. The more you focus on her, and on what's making her body react to you, the more she'll enjoy the experience. Less focus on making her come in thirty seconds, and more focus on making her feel good.


Pay Attention To Her

Believe it or not, during the act of sex, women are actually giving you plenty of signs about what they do and do not like. Although you may not be able to pay attention to her facial expressions (depending on what position you're in), paying attention to your gal will not only lead you to the land of nonverbal cues — it'll also make her feel good.


Try Different Erogenous Zones

The clitoris isn't the only erogenous zone on a woman's body, and it's certainly not the only erogenous zone you should be paying attention to. According to Women's Health there are nine other completely accessible erogenous zones you should be paying attention to during sex. From ears, to neck, to lower back, don't let the rest of your partner's erogenous zones feel left out. They'll only add to her pleasure.


Listen To Her

Yes, use your ears. Listen to her. Not just for the cacophony of moans that mean you're doing a good job, but listen to what she's telling you. When she says "don't stop," it really means don't stop. (For some reason, "don't stop" often translates into your partner stopping — what is that about?!) To the left means to the left, and so on, and so on. She knows her body, so let her guide you through it.


Think Pressure, Not Friction

Although men often focus on the friction side of sex, it's more about pressure for women. The sensation of pressure against her clitoris and of feeling full rather than feeling of go-go-go will help a woman along much faster than the quick friction that men so often seek out. Try alternating the amount of pressure you apply to her clitoris, whether with your fingers, a toy, or your pelvis.


Use The Lube

For women, there is no such thing as too much lube. In order to create a slick environment, women either need to be wet or in possession of lube. And guess what, even when a woman provides her own lubrication — lube can take your sex session to the next level.

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Don't Forget Foreplay

Yes, foreplay. Foreplay is your friend. In order to make your woman's toes curl, her legs shake, and her body tingle — even after you've finished — use foreplay. Building anticipation with your partner can make the actual act of intercourse that much more mind blowing.


Talk To Her

Yes, use your voice and speak up. Whether you're communicating about what she likes, what you like, what you're doing, use your words. But do yourself a favor, and avoid any of the catchphrases you've heard in any porn. Less "who's your daddy" and more "I love when you..." or "you feel so good."


Change It Up

If you're used to the same old thing when it comes to having sex with your partner, chances are your partner feels the same way. Change up your routine and make her feel irresistible. Whether you snag her for a quickie before you head out to dinner, or you introduce a new toy to the equation — focusing your attentions on your girl and making the new moves all about her will only elevate how sexy she feels, and in turn, make the entire experience that much better for her.