9 Little Ways Kissing Makes Your Life Better

Remember when you daydreamed about getting your first kiss? Chances are your imagination really hyped up the event, and you spent hours going over every possible scenario. And it’s just as likely that, in the midst of adulthood, kissing is not something you get to think about all that often. It may just be something you and your SO rush through or more or less omit altogether. However, there are tons of little ways kissing makes your life better. It can help decrease your stress levels, facilitate bonding in a relationship, and even provide a surprising amount of health benefits.

There are plenty of reasons you and your SO (or the rando at the bar — no judgement) should be in the habit of frequent kisses. It can bring you closer together as a couple and reaffirm your bond. It’s an easy way to retain that new-love spark as you settle into a more long-term relationship. After all, almost no one complains about too much affection from a partner. And if you’re into PDA, you can become that disgustingly cute couple who just can’t get enough of each other. In no time, your real-life kisses may be just as magical as you once imagined they would be. Why not take the time to enjoy these benefits today?

1It Burns Calories


Wanna work out? As Reader's Digest noted, kissing burns about two to six calories a minute. It may not count as high intensity interval training, but you and your SO can get in a mini-workout while you spend time together.

2It Stimulates Nerves


Your lips are extra-sensitive for a reason. According to Cosmopolitan, they contain 100 times the nerve endings found in your fingertips. Why not make the most of this fun fact?

3It Triggers Dopamine


If you feel addicted to your partner's kisses, there may be some reality to that sensation. Today noted that dopamine kicks in during a kiss, especially in the early stages of a relationship. That's why you get so giddy.

4It Reduces Blood Pressure


What's the most fun way to keep your heart healthy? "Kissing passionately gets your heartbeat revved in a healthy way that helps lower your blood pressure," Dr. Andréa Demirjian told CNN. Hey, it's the doctor's orders.

5It Helps Gauge Relationship


Sometimes the truth really is in his kiss. Time reported that women see kissing as a way to assess a mate's potential, or monitor a long-term relationship. Because not everything worth saying can be communicated verbally.

6It Strengthens Relationships


If you're already in a relationship, it's important to keep the kisses going. As Arpita Anand, a counseling psychologist, told WebMD, "the happier couples spend a lot more time kissing and cuddling." It's an easy way to keep those feel-good feelings going.

7It Boosts Immunity


There is a biological upside to swapping spit. Better Health explained that kissing, which exposes you to your partner's germs, can actually strengthen your immune system. Anything for your health, right?

8It Reduces Stress


Does a good kiss just make you melt? It may be kissing's ability to decrease the stress hormone cortisol, as the Huffington Post reported. It's the world's most natural way to chill.

9It Decreases Cholesterol


High cholesterol is a major health concern for many people, but frequent smoochers may not have to worry about it much. Psychology Today explained that a study of close partners who kissed at a greater-than-normal frequency reported lower cholesterol levels after six weeks. Why not perform your own experiment?