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Twitter Pays Homage To Lyanna Mormont With These Memes

Lyanna Mormont was a fan favorite from her first second of screen time on Game of Thrones. Introduced as the tough but diminutive leader of Bear Island, she was a child thrust into a position of power who rose to the occasion. In Season 8, Episode 3, she met her untimely end, to the distress of viewers everywhere. And these 9 Lyanna Mormont memes prove that Game of Thrones fans are still reeling over what happened.

Despite her youth, Lyanna was one of the strongest leaders in the North. She was never afraid to stand up for herself or her people, though it often meant calling Jon Snow out directly on his shortsighted decisions. She took her responsibilities seriously, which was why she rode out into battle with the rest of her forces in Episode 3. She ultimately gave her life to the war when she was crushed by the wight formerly known as Wun-Wun the giant. But before she went, she took him down with her by stabbing him in the eye. It was a supremely bad*ss moment, so it was totally on-brand for little Lyanna.

It was the kind of character death that hit fans right in the feels, too. Many viewers took to Twitter to express their grief over what happened, and it turns out there's no better way to get across one's mingled respect and heartbreak than a meme.

We Stan A Legend

Lyanna's death might not have caused a standing ovation, but her actions beforehand certainly did. She used her final moments to take out a zombie 10 times her size!

Anyone But Baby Bear

While some were busy pouring out a drink for the best of the Mormonts (I said it!), others were still deep in denial. Is there anything more evocative than a classic Tiffany "New York" Pollard meme? The disbelief, the refusal to believe — it sums up those post-battle feelings perfectly.

First Of All

However, if your shock is mixed with anger, please refer to this clip of Kelly Kapoor from The Office. She gives you the best way to start your list of complaints about Lyanna's demise: number one, how dare you.

Meme In The Making

The release of Captain Marvel spawned a new interpretation of the phrase "fight like a girl" that proved girls could hash it out just as well as anyone else. Game of Thrones offered even more evidence in Episode 3 with Arya and Lyanna's epic fight scenes. A meme in its infancy, much like the tiny heroes who inspired it.

Nice Try, Bro

There aren't just memes about Lyanna; Lyanna herself is a meme. Actress Bella Ramsey delivered several memorable facial expressions over the course of her performance, but her subtle disgust has become a go-to.

Icons Are Eternal

Lyanna wasn't the only one to lose her life in the Battle of Winterfell, but she did it with such style that she'll forever be remembered as having one of the most iconic Game of Thrones death scenes.

Tol Vs. Smoll

I mean, do I even have to say anything? You're basically looking at screen grabs from the episode in this one.

Hardly A Surprise

Michelle Obama's words of love and support for Beyoncé in the wake of her concert movie Homecoming have multiple uses. They can just as easily apply to Lyanna, who did indeed constantly raise the bar while doing it flawlessly. Viewers may not have seen the giant-slaying coming, but they knew to expect ruthlessness from little Lady Mormont.

And Back To Sobbing

For as much pride as fans feel for Lyanna going out like a pro, there's still an ocean of heartbreak underneath. We were all rooting for you, Lyanna! Who is going to look after all those bears now, huh? Huh?!

Lyanna Mormont may be gone, but her legacy lives on in meme.