9 Makeup Mistakes You’re Making When You Wear Glasses

Though you might not think that it would, wearing glasses can complicate your usual makeup looks. The products and tools you're using might be the wrong ones, you might be using the wrong techniques to apply it, the colors and shades might be all wrong, it's not as easy and straightforward as it would be if you weren't wearing glasses. You'll probably want to know about the makeup mistakes you're making when you wear glasses that are compromising your intended finished look, so that you don't keep making them.

If you only wear glasses sometimes, you might be especially interested in how you should change your approach on those days when you're planning to wear your glasses. Likewise, if you wear glasses all the time, you probably want to know how you should edit your routine. Whether you've worn glasses for years or they're a relatively new accessory, you might be doing things that are sabotaging your finished face without even knowing it. From using the wrong eye shadows, liners, or mascara to choosing looks that'll clash with your frames, there are a lot of ways that things can go wrong along the way. And while the finished look might still be OK, it might not turn out as well as it could. Knowing which mistakes you might be making is the first step to avoiding them in the future. Your makeup will be flawless, with glasses or without.


Using Dark Shadows

While you might normally love a good smoky eye look complete with the darkest shades you own, that's not the best route to take when you're wearing glasses. According to StyleCaster, dark eyeshadow can make your eyes look too dark when paired with glasses. It's better to stick with somewhat lighter shades and save any super-dark eyeshadow for the days you go glasses-less.


Using Powdered Blush

While you may normally stick with a powdered blush, when you wear glasses, you might want to switch things up a bit. Makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen told Byrdie that cream blush is a better choice for glasses-wearers. It's easy to blend with your finger and adjust exactly what it looks like, so it won't be as striking as a powdered blush. Set it with a translucent setting powder and then you'll be ready to go.


Skipping Under-Eye Concealer

When you wear glasses, under-eye concealer is a must. According to HuffPost, the glass in your frames can make your under-eye darkness look worse. Apply some concealer and blend well, then set with a translucent setting powder to make sure that it'll stay put all day long.


Using A Lengthening Mascara — Or Too Much Of It

Many women consider mascara a daily necessity, especially if they wear a full face of makeup every day. The kind of mascara you're using is important, however, if you're wearing glasses. According to Madame Noire, if you're wearing too much mascara, your lashes might brush up against your glasses once you put them on. Lengthening mascara can cause this same problem. Stick with volumizing instead.


Not Bothering With Ophthalmologist-Tested Makeup

You might think that you can just wear whatever brand of makeup, but if you're wearing glasses, it's a little more complicated than that. According to SheFinds, people with sensitive eyes should choose ophthalmologist-approved brands. When in doubt, ask your eye doctor if there's a brand they recommend that'll be OK with your sensitive eyes. They might be able to steer you in the right direction if you're feeling unsure.


Matching Your Eyeliner To Your Glasses Frames

You might think that choosing a shade of eyeliner that is nearly-identical to that of your frames is a great idea, but it's not actually the best way to approach things. According to the previously-mentioned article from StyleCaster, eyeliner that matches your frames can make your eyes blend in with your glasses instead of pop — the opposite of what you want. Try a shade that's slightly lighter instead.


Overlooking Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are even more important when you're wearing glasses because your glasses will draw attention to your brows, since they're directly below your brows on your face. According to the aforementioned article from Madame Noire, making sure your brows are shaped, groomed, and filled in (if necessary) will help pull your whole look together.


Putting Mascara On Bottom Lashes

According to the previously-mentioned article from StyleCaster, when you're wearing glasses, you shouldn't bother with mascara on your bottom lashes. It can exacerbate the weird shadows from your frames, making you look tired and defeating the whole point of making sure you applied an under-eye concealer.


Skipping Last Looks

Don't forget to put on your glasses and give yourself a once-over before heading out the door, Reiss-Andersen told Byrdie in the previously-mentioned article. You want to make sure that your finished look works well with your frames. Once you're sure, you can face the outside world with confidence.

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