9 Makeup Tricks That Help You Look More Awake After A Sleepless Night

by Leah Rocketto

It’s a scene that the sleep-deprived among us are all too familiar with. After a night spent tossing and turning, you begrudgingly get out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. You look in the mirror and initially think someone has placed a zombie photo over the mirror as a prank. Upon further examination, you realize those puffy eyes and dark circles do, in fact, belong to you. You know another hour of sleep would freshen up your face, but going back to bed is not an option. Here’s where it’s good to know how to use makeup to look more awake.

To be clear, no amount of makeup will actually wake you up. For that to happen, you will probably need an IV of coffee. But by using a few common beauty products and simple tricks, you can make it look like you actually got those recommended eight hours of uninterrupted shuteye

Interested in lightening dark circles and minimizing puffy bags without adding too much time to your morning routine? Here are nineeasy makeup hacks that will make you look way more awake than you actually feel. 


Wash Your Face With Cold Water

A little H2O goes a long way to waking you and your face up in the a.m. Not only does drinking a glass of water give you a much-needed morning energy boost, but washing your face with cold water reduces any puffiness. Makeup artist Allie Clark told Refinery29 that the water’s cold temperature “causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing redness and swelling, particularly around the eyes.” You may be hating this trick come winter time, but your eyes will be eternally grateful. 


Dab On Some Moisturizer

An easy way to brighten up your complexion is moisturizer. Before putting on an ounce of makeup, NARS makeup stylist Uzo suggests dabbing on a little lotion. She tells Elle that this illuminates the cheekbones, giving you the glow that you miss out on when you skimp on sleep.


Try The Lipstick Trick

Beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala blew everyone’s mind when she used red lipstick to conceal her dark under eye circles. It sounds crazy. I mean, how is a bold and bright color supposed to hide those dark bags? But, as Good Housekeeping explains, the lipstick’s red and orange hue, “neutralizes the green or blue color under your eyes, making it less visible.”


Use A Classic Concealer

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with a classic trick. If the thought of red lipstick sends you into a state of terror, you can always hide your dark circles with traditional concealer. But instead of dotting it on, take a cue from Cosmopolitan and apply it as an upside-down triangle. In doing so, you conceal any additional redness near your cheek and give your face a little lift.


Curl Your Lashes

Fake an energized eye with a little help from your eyelash curler. By giving your lashes some extra length and lift, your eye appears more open. Which is good, since you’re probably fighting the urge to shut them and drift off to dreamland.


Arch Your Brows

No, this doesn’t require you to creepily raise your eyebrows at co-workers. All you have to do is pay attention to your natural arch next time you pluck. By opting for an arched brow, you draw attention up and away from your eyes. And that’s exactly what you want when your pupils are extra puffy after an all-nighter.


Go Au Naturale

A smokey eye, while stylish, is not ideal after being up all night working on a deadline or soothing a child. Swap your standard dark eyeliner for a more neutral shade. Celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn tells Oprah that a beige liner, “does a better job of neutralizing redness in or around the eyes,” which will help you look less tired throughout the day.


Skip The Colorful Shadow

Similarly, leave your shimmery shadows for a night out. The last thing you want to do is draw more attention to the dark circles under your eyes. Using a neutral palette does a better job of concealing uneven tones and brightening your eyes, thus making you look like you actually go a good night’s sleep.


Add A Little Lip Color

Nothing adds a little life to you face like a bright, bold lip.Trade your traditional shade for a red, pink, or purple lipstick. Not only does this take the attention away from your tired eyes, but seeing such a vivid color in the mirror will instantly boost your energy and help you take on the day ahead.

Images: Courtesy of Maria Morri, Peter Dutton, Shawn Campbell, Mariam Boabbas, Nerissa’s Ring, Me and the Sysop, Courtney Rhodes, Starkatzz, Corey Balazowich, Maria Morri/Flickr