9 Maternity Shoot Ideas That Aren't Corny AF

by Olivia Youngs

Pregnancy only happens in your life once. Or twice. Or three or four times. Ok, maybe even more — kudos to you. But regardless of how many children you've had or plan to have, each pregnancy is unique and worth documenting. Maternity photos, however, can be a bit of a sore subject to some. It's important to document your pregnancy in some way, but the reality is that many turn out, simply put, cheesy AF. You know the type: the awkward family dog pile, the beer vs. baby belly show down... Surely, there are maternity shoot ideas that aren't corny and a little more tasteful.

Luckily, for pregnant women who are hoping for a maternity photo shoot that won't eventually end up in their family's blooper reel, there are lots of semi-normal, inspiring, and beautiful maternity photo ideas to inspire your next shoot. Whether you're hiring a professional to photograph a permanent keepsake, or your trying to DIY your own photos, these ideas will give you a starting place to let your imagination soar (to non-cheesy heights, of course). Although more often than not, most maternity shoots happen during the last trimester, you can use these ideas to photograph weekly belly-shots, an early pregnancy announcement, or your big, grand finale shoot to commemorate your pregnancy.


Boho Chic

Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to put on the boho maxi dress of your dreams, make a statement flower crown, and take a few fancy photos that make you feel like the goddess you are. We suggest positioning yourself near a window during the day, for that Pinterest-worthy glow.


Classic Black And White

Nothing says "classic" like black and white. Embrace your natural, make-up-free state for a peek into unstaged reality. Black and white is famously flattering, so if you're feeling a little self-conscious, opt for that shade over full color. We suggest keeping things minimal, from the background (just stand in front of a plain white wall) to your outfit (a simple fitted white T will do).


Candid Moment

If staged photo shoots aren't really your style, there's nothing sweeter than opting for a candid-style, "real life" photo shoot in your home. Wear what you'd normally wear, spruce up the house a little bit, grab a mug of coffee (or hot cocoa) and let the photographer capture a sweet moment of you with your bun while it's still in the oven. It can be as sweet as you reading your favorite childhood book to them, or playing your favorite tunes.

Although the "lifestyle" genre of photography requires a slightly different skill set, if you have a photographer you're comfortable being raw and real in front of, the shoot will yield photos that bring back sweet memories for the rest of your life. Or just make your partner take about 250 photos of you doing the same few things. One is bound to be a winner.


Inside Out

It's a tried and true classic for a reason: including the sonogram photo (whether your very first one or a later photo,) not only creates a permanent memory of your belly at that stage, but allows you to have your bump and sonogram in one shot.

There are endless ways to stage this photo, which makes it an easily customizable pose. Include your partner, have your older child hold the photo in front, or stand alone with the sonogram.


In Frame

Although you'll probably frame the photos after they're printed, using a large, empty frame to showcase your bump is a creative way to add interest to the photo without distracting from the point: capturing your belly. You can probably find some sort of unique, decorative frame for cheap at your local thrift store, most likely paired with some very unattractive mass produced painting. Pitch the artwork and spray paint the frame to give it that DIY touch.


Sibling Love

If you're looking for creative ways to include your first baby without distracting from your bump, you don't have to overthink it. Often, the simplest photos make the most beautiful keepsakes.


Snowy Sunset

Cold weather doesn't mean you're doomed to indoor shoots. The ladies of The Merry Thought embraced the chill with a few extra layers and a gorgeous sunset. The results? Stunning.


Bump Boudoir

Pregnancy often feels very anti-sexy. If you need a quick jolt to remember your sultry side, a boudoir style maternity shoot will be just the thing. Pregnancy should be empowering, sexy, and beautiful — it's simply a matter of finding the right photographer to make sure that you feel comfortable.


Partner In Crime

There's nothing you'll love to look back on more than a sweet shot of you and your love savoring your pregnancy together.