9 Memes That Are Every New Mom During The Holidays — Festive AF

When you first found out that your due date was around the holidays, you probably envisioned snuggling by the Christmas tree with your new little bundle. While we all have have cozy and festive hopeful visions of what the holidays are going to be like with new babies, most of us get a reality check at some point during the holiday season. If you're feeling like the holidays are just a little different this time around, we've rounded up nine holiday memes for new moms to show you that you aren't alone.

Holidays as a new mom often involve a good dose of forced festive spirit — or maybe forcing the festive spirit on your little one or your partner. My first Christmas as new mom was complete with snapping at my husband to change his outfit while I tried to squeeze my wiggling 2-month-old into a pair of tights, which was all followed quickly by a total meltdown (for both of us), and me feeling like a terrible mother. If I had known of these memes, I might not have felt like the only new mom subjecting her tiny baby to over-the-top doses of "holiday cheer." Actually, probably not.

The holidays as a new mom are full of expectations of pretty photos and cozy moments, but one of the best things you can do is take a break to laugh at a few memes before making another attempt at getting your infant into that ridiculous festive outfit.


Christmas Wish List

You know you're a new mom when all you really want for Christmas is several hours of peace and quiet, with no babies crying, and a big slice of pizza. And maybe a bath. Oh, and probably some chocolate ice cream. Is that too much to ask?


Stocking Stuffer Necessities

Your new babe might not be old enough to use toothpaste, but new moms are definitely stuffing their babies' stockings with all the necessities because they will do anything to make it look like they got more gifts. Extra can of formula anyone? How about a new pacifier! Quantity over quality, people.


No Contest

One of the best things about newborns it that they're probably not putting up a fight when it comes to costume time. Really moms, enjoy it their nonchalant attitude while you can because once those dexterity muscles kick in, you're going to need all the luck in the world putting — not to mention keeping — them in an outfit that they couldn't give two sh*ts about.


Pure Excitement

Yes, you're tired, emotional, hungry, and thirsty. But you are also so freaking excited because it's your baby's first Christmas and OMG there's going to be so many presents under the tree for them even though they have no idea what's going on because you couldn't help yourself.


Holiday Crafting Ambitions

We might have the best of intentions, but sometimes all you can manage is a feeble attempt. And that's A-OK.


Holiday Mantra

Christmas can be hectic for everyone, especially new moms. This is a good mantra to remind yourself when things aren't going the way you hoped they would. But if you do find yourself having a freak out because that's the third Christmas outfit your baby pooped through today, or your partner did not take the many hints you dropped for that present you've been hoping for, you do you, because you just had a baby and can get away with anything right now.


Real Talk

When you're a new mom, this can be so much harder than it seems. Who are these people who have the time to do DIY projects while they are raising a new human being?


Gray Area

We can't even begin to tell you how many times you're going to tell your partner, and yourself, "but it's Christmas!" now and forevermore.



Ok, let's be honest: isn't this everyday? When you're a new mom, you will take any form of sleep whenever and wherever you can get it, even if it's just to close your eyes for 60 seconds while brushing your teeth. Because you're so exhausted, there will be some moments when you crash hard — and deep — and when you wake up, you will be all sorts of discombobulated. If this happens to you, don't be scared. At least you'll have the Christmas tree in front of you to give you some general sense of the time of year.

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