9 Mistakes That Erode The Love In Your Relationship

If there's one thing I'll always appreciate about life, it's the fact that real love truly exists. Sure, there was a while where I thought that it was just a rumor, but after my last relationship, I knew that it wasn't just some myth that someone created to get your hopes up in life. Though love is truly one of the best feelings that you will ever experience, losing it is one that will tear you apart. That's why noticing the mistakes that erode the love in your relationship early is important because it can hopefully help you save it.

I can honestly say that if I knew what I know now when I was in my last relationship, it may not have ended the way that it did. It was my first real spin at "adult love," and though it was pretty magical for a while, it got to a point where there was nothing but darkness surrounding it. Although there were things that we both could have done better, I know that my depression, fear, and anxiety were main downfalls of the relationship. Love is so easy to say you want, but so difficult to actually keep if you haven't admitted and addressed your own issues to before jumping into it.

If you're not sure what mistakes could potentially ruin your relationship, these nine will give you a look into the demise and hopefully help you stop it from happening.


You Don't Address Your Fear

According to PsychCentral, your fear that isn't addressed could be a reason why the love is damaged. Instead of suppressing how you feel, try naming and talking about that fear with your partner.


You're Settled In Your Depression

Huffington Post noted that depression may be destroying your relationship, too. Signs of this include pulling away from your partner, a lack of motivation, jealousy, and distrust in your partner.


You Make Your Friends A Part Of Your Relationship

Making your friends apart of your relationship can be a way to ruin it, according to the site Love Panky. Whether their opinions are given too often or if they are just a bad influence, your friends can cause your love to crumble, too.


You Compromise Too Much

All relationships require a bit of compromise, but when you've become the only person doing so, your love can end up failing. A one-sided compromise becomes settling. Find an even balance and let your love grow.


You Expect Your Partner To Just Know

Psychology Today noted that expecting your partner to read your mind is a reason why your love can be failing. No matter how long you've been together, your partner isn't just going to know how you feel. Communicate that to them.


You're Expecting Too Much

I can admit that during my last relationship, I expected a lot from my boyfriend and I don't think he knew that I expected that stuff from him. Sometimes, your relationship can fail because you're looking to your partner to fix you or be everything that you've imagined, but they have no idea. Be realistic with your expectations and set them from the start.


You're Worried About Being Right

Mind Body Green noted that worrying about being right all the time is a culprit of your love failing as well. Instead of placing so much emphasis on being right in the conversation, try to focus on connecting with your partner and understanding where they are coming from.


You Listen To Respond, Not To Understand

When you and your partner get into an argument, are you quick to respond and slow to listen? I can say that I have been before. In a situation like this, it pushes your partner away if it continuously happens. Not only does it make them feel attacked, but it shows that you're not thinking of their feelings, too.


You Let Your Anxiety Control You

According to Thought Catalog, anxiety can be a big reason why your relationship does not last. Worrying all the time about things that have to do with your relationship and things that don't can really push someone away. Though having anxiety isn't something that you can just solve with a "quick fix," opening up to your partner about your issues and taking the necessary steps to get help will keep you and your partner on the same page.