9 Mistakes You Make In The Shower That Ruin Your Skin

One of my favorite parts of the day is taking a hot shower. I know that makes me sound like I don't have much to look forward to in life, but there's something so relaxing, refreshing, and fulfilling about washing away a long day. Though I used to love my showers questionably hot, I started making them a little cooler once I found out that having too hot water is one of the mistakes you make in the shower that ruin your skin.

To be honest, I never really knew there were so many mistakes that could affect your skin while taking a shower. I mean, shouldn't washing yourself be issue-free? But I was very wrong, and I'm so glad I realized that. Now that I'm aware of the many mistakes that can be made, I try to spread the word to any of my friends and family members that will listen.

If you're like me and consider showers the highlight of your day, then staying knowledgeable of the mistakes that can ruin your skin should be something that you do. If you need a few to get your started before your rinse off, these nine things will help you keep your skin in great condition.


Your Showers Are Too Long

According to Yahoo! Beauty, extra long showers could dry out and irritate skin. Though long showers are sometimes needed, limiting your shower between five and 15 minutes will help you avoid this faux pas.


Your Water Is Too Hot

Redbook noted that showering with too hot water strips away oils in your skin, causing it to dry out. Try bathing in lukewarm to warm water instead.


You're Scrubbing Too Hard And Too Much

According to Health, scrubbing too hard strips away the natural oils and bacteria that protects you from acne and eczema. Try to take it easy next time you hop in the shower.


You're Shaving Your Legs At The Beginning Of Your Shower

Redbook also noted that shaving your legs at the beginning of your shower is surprisingly a way to ruin your skin. Shaving your legs at the end of your shower makes it easier to shave without irritation because your legs will be hydrated.


You're Not Washing Your Neck Regularly

Stylecaster noted that not washing and moisturizing your neck now will hurt you later down the line. Though many women take care of their faces and become wrinkle-free as they get older, the same cannot be said for necks. Try giving your neck the same attention as your face when in the shower.


You Don't Clean Your Razor

Since razors can collect bacteria from your skin and breed germs, Health noted that not cleaning your razor can cause infections and other gross skin ailments. Make sure you clean your razor before using is imperative to keeping your skin in tact.


Your Soap Is Too Harsh

Stepping out of a fresh shower with your favorite smell following may feel refreshing, but if the fragrant soap you are using is too harsh, you could be irritating your skin, Yahoo! Beauty noted. Try a moisturizing body wash that is free of fragrance instead.


Your Washcloth Isn't Replaced Frequently Enough

As the aforementionedRedbook article noted, bacteria builds up in washcloths. So not replacing or washing it as often as possible could mean that you're just washing yourself with bacteria all over again.


You're Using A Loofah For Too Long

Similar to the washcloth, Huffington Post noted that a loofah or puff can grow bacteria and mold. Instead of keeping the same loofah until it starts to tear apart, try replacing it every four weeks to prevent damaging your skin.