9 Mommy & Me Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Because Dressing Alike Is So Damn Cute

As the holiday season ramps up into full swing so does the hype to seize every perfect photo opportunity with your whole family. Whether you are a first-time parent or you're a long-time veteran of the child-rearing scene, you can press pause on all of the holiday chaos by hopping on a decidedly festive fashion bandwagon. Years from now, you'll be looking at pictures and thanking your past self for dressing you and your child up in mommy and me ugly sweaters. Nothing says "making memories" like a couple of adorably tacky jumpers. The fact that you'll have a mini-me is truly a bonus.

If you aren't exactly familiar with the whole ugly sweater concept, it's really pretty self-explanatory. Though you may know some folks who unintentionally don some rather garish holiday apparel, this trend is all about choosing to wear the most outlandish festive sweaters. In fact, there are parties entirely centered on the gaudy fad. And, in most cases, there would even be contests for who was rocking the best (or worst?) ugly sweater. But who says having a flare for the ostentatious can't be a family affair? You may even be credited for starting the latest family tradition by wearing mommy and me ugly sweaters with your little one this year.


The Cat-titude

Santa Claws Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater ($21, Amazon)

Santa Claws Childrens Ugly Christmas Sweater ($19, Amazon)

If you are not a dog person and you love cats the most, then these pun-tastic matching sweaters are purr-fect for you and your little one. Had to do it, #sorrynotsorry.


The Arts & Crafts Tree

Christmas Family Matching Sweatshirt (mom, $24, child, $20, Amazon)

Do you like looking at Pinterest but never plan on actually doing any of the projects? Then these super festive arts and crafts type sweaters are perfect for you and your little one to rock this year and don't require you to use a drop of glue. You don't even have to tell anyone that you got these matching sweaters pre-decorated.


The Obligatory Reindeer

Christmas Family Matching Sweatshirt (mom, $25, child, $21, Amazon)

It's not really the holidays without Santa's trusty vehicular animal companion of choice. I'm just excited for the fuzzy little face. You and your kiddo can even make a game out of picking which of Santa's reindeer you each get to be this Christmas.


The Classic Pattern

Mom Classic Ugly Christmas Sweater ($13, Amazon)

Baby Classic Ugly Christmas Sweater ($15, Amazon)

If you're not quite ready to go all out for your first foray into the ugly sweater world, you can always opt for a low-key approach with these matching faux cross-stitch designs. This way you won't stick out too much with your funky festive fashions.


The Show Stopper

Santa with Real Lights Ugly Christmas Sweater (all sizes, $49, Etsy)

This comes with real lights. I repeat. Real. Lights. Need I say more? OK, I will. Not only does this jolly guy have real Christmas lights, but there are various trinkets, baubles, glitter, and an ornament nose to make this an utterly show-stopping sweater set for you and your mini-me. You're probably just not going to want to put this one in the washing machine.


The Dog's Honest Truth

Dachshund Snow Ugly Sweater (mom, $14, child, $10, Amazon)

A visual play on words, this ugly sweater will have you and your mini-me dashin' (or dachshund) through the snow in style. Get it?


The Super Textured Santa

Christmas Family Matching Sweatshirt (mom, $26, child, $22, Amazon)

Pretty sure no one will be able to ignore this bold statement sweater with its in-your-face vibe. Plus, is it just me or do you really want to know what all those different textures feel like? No? Just me? OK, cool, no biggie. I was just joking anyways.


The Elf-in Best

Mama Elf Twinning Sweater Set ($45, Etsy)

Elves may be Santa's helpers, but you can trot have your own little helper too with this matching sweater set that, to be honest, is way more cute than ugly.


The Abominable Snowman

Bumble Yeti Abominable Snowman Sweater (mom, $24, child, $22, Etsy)

Perhaps the cherry on top of the ugly Christmas sweater trend is this delightfully tacky Abominable Snowman option. Grab one size for the whole family.

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