9 *Really* Expensive Halloween Costumes That Probably Cost More Than Your Car

by Lindsay E. Mack

For some Halloween fans, an off-the-rack superhero costume just won't cut it. No, some people go all out for this holiday in the best way possible. In fact, the most expensive Halloween costumes look like something straight from a movie. They're jaw-dropping, richly detailed, and seriously luxe.

First, there are hand-sewn, gorgeous ballgowns that look like something a legit princess would own. Then there are replicas of movie and TV show costumes that are wildly accurate. When you throw a little tech into the mix with lights and sounds, well, these costumes are just beyond amazing.

Plus, as someone who pretty much sucks at sewing and crafty activities, I absolutely acknowledge the time and talent it takes to make these creations. When you consider the hours of labor and cost of materials involved, the costume prices aren't necessarily unreasonable. Seriously, I'm in awe of the people who make these elaborate and beautiful creations.

And even if you don't plan on dropping several grand for a costume this year, it's still fun to check out these aspirational Halloween looks. At least it'll make you feel a bit better about spending a little cash on costume supplies at Party City or Spirit or Even the most deluxe costumes at the shops are kind of a steal compared to these luxury getups.


$25,000 Mermaid Halloween Costume

Courtesy of SpikedSeltzer

This costume is part of a giveaway, so theoretically anybody could own it. A collaboration between SpikedSeltzer and Black Panther costume designer Ruth E. Carter, this mermaid getup will be personalized to fit the winner's shape and style in person. To (maybe) win this $25,000 mermaid Halloween costume, follow SpikedSeltzer on Instagram and share the designer's mermaid image with #MermaidCrusade and #Contest tags. Honestly, the chance to chat with such an accomplished costume designer alone is worth the entry for me.


$25,000 Daft Punk Helmet Replica

I love this so much. The chrome and LED Daft Punk replica helmet from Etsy seller Volpin is everything. You can look around the world and never find a cooler costume.


$15,000 Rococo Costume

This particular costume was a special order for the seller, so I'm not sure whether it's actually for sale at the moment. But the Rococo costume from Etsy seller TheOnlyOneInTheWorld is beyond exquisite. Seriously, go click through the images for this listing and drool over all that intensely detailed craftsmanship. It's a work of art in thread and fabric.


$9,900 'Beauty And The Beast' Wedding Dress

I mean, is it the dress from the movie? This Beauty and the Beast wedding dress from KMKDesigns took "well over 14 yards of silk taffeta, over 100 yards of lace, several yards of silk dupioni for the roses, (and) over 700 Swarovski crystals," according to the seller. It really is like something straight from a fairy tale.


$9,259 'Game Of Thrones' Dress

Take your Game Of Thrones Halloween costume to a whole other level. Margaery Tyrell's wedding gown replica from Etsy seller FadenDesignStudios is unbelievably detailed. There's over 300 handmade roses on the 3 foot long train.


$4,199 Iron Man Armor Costume Mark 47 XLVII

Crafted with state-of-the-art building techniques, the Iron Man Armor Costume Mark 47 XLVII from Full Body Armors is nothing short of amazing. Totally wearable and durable, it's made to measure for each wearer. You can even add on a ventilation cooling system and walking sound effects for added accuracy.


$3,149 The Beast Halloween Illusion Costume

This beast illusion costume from The Horror Dome is hysterical. Whatever the beast is supposed to be, it looks like a fun addition to any party.


$2,267 Custom Marie Antoinette Movie Wedding Dress

Well, this one could be done in time for next year's Halloween. The custom Marie Antoinette movie wedding dress from Etsy seller Blueberry Costumes will take about 4 to 6 months to sew, as well as a couple of weeks so ship. Still, it will make an amazing bespoke piece.


$1,600 The Huntre

This movie-ready costume is great for anyone who wants to dress as an orc, barbarian, or warrior. In fact, the Huntre from Dark Creations ATX just might become your new favorite outfit. I mean, the bone necklace is pretty fabulous.