9 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Feminist Mom

Was your mom was the first real-world example of a strong woman? Did she not only inspire, but encourage you to fight for equality? If this sounds familiar, then Mother's Day gifts for your feminist mom are a perfect way to celebrate and honor the woman who has done so much for you (and probably a number of other people out there.)

Chances are, there's something in this list that will suit your mom perfectly. For instance, some of the gifts are satiric and smirking odes to traditional feminine roles. (Of course the brilliant Anne Taintor makes an appearance.) Other gifts are simple reminders of your mom's significant influence in your life. There are also some presents that celebrate women all over the world and their accomplishments. But all of these items are positive and uplifting, without getting too treacly.

Whether your mom was a proud participant of the Women's March or she exudes strength in a more low-key way, she certainly deserves something nice this Mother's Day. Of course, nothing can compete with her greatest gift ever (AKA you), but reading about other awesome women, or simply discussing the events of the day together, can help make this Mother's Day celebration a little bit radical.


'Goddesses In Everywoman' by Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D.

Keep mom inspired. The book Goddesses In Everywoman ($3) blends myth, archetype, and psychology into one fascinating read. It's a classic for a reason.


Persistent Throw Pillow

Subvert traditional feminine decor with this piece. The "Nevertheless, She Persisted" throw pillow ($27) is pretty and powerful all at once. Your mom will love the message and the comfort — literally and metaphorically — that it brings.


'Feminist Icon Cross Stitch' by Lauren Mancuso

If your mom is into crafting, then this is a clever gift. The Feminist Icon Cross Stitch book ($14) by Lauren Mancuso is thoughtful and hip. Everyone from Gloria Steinem to Beyoncé gets a design. Unfortunately, this book is expected to publish until October, but it's a great gift for her to look forward to.


Phenomenal Mug

Were you blessed with a phenomenal mom? The "Phenomenal Woman" mug ($18) features a timeless quote. It's a perfect way to remind your mom of all her awesomeness.


Overqualified Notes

OK, so anything featuring Anne Taintor's work is fantastic. Something about the "Overqualified" sticky notes ($6) stands out, though. They will give your mom a laugh every time she uses them.


Strong Mom Shirt

Honor you mother's strength with this shirt. The "Strong Women" shirt ($23) features a hopeful message about the future. Let your own mom know that she succeeded in this task.


'Rad Women Worldwide' by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl

Inspirational women are everywhere. Thankfully, Rad Women Worldwide ($12) by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl showcases some exceptional examples.


Strong Support Tank

Celebrate your supportive mom. The "Strong Women" tank ($24) is perfect for moms who love fitness and solidarity. It's one of the most positive workout shirts available.


Fierce Bracelet

It's an understatement. But at least this "Fierce" bracelet ($17) will let the rest of the world in on what you already know: your mom is unstoppable. Her courage is remarkable.