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Celebrate Twin Day With These 9 Movies & Shows About Twins

It's Twin Day today, which means it's time to take a look at some of the most memorable media about twins. Whether fraternal or identical, twins have had a strong presence in cinema, television, and literature for centuries, though the tropes associated with twins aren't always the most positive. What would a soap opera be without an evil twin or two, after all? But these 9 movies and shows featuring twins will keep you feeling positive for Twin Day, even when they edge into more serious topics.

Twins are popular for numerous reasons. Actors love to show off their skills by tackling a dual role, so everyone from Bette Davis to Armie Hammer has twins on their resumé. Twins can provide a narrative with surprising twists, giving thrillers and mysteries some added stakes when it's revealed that one character has actually had an identical sibling all along. Twins are also huge in media for young adults: Sweet Valley is iconic, and the Disney Channel never met a girl they couldn't put a wig on. Twins can be foils or rivals, best friends or long lost secrets.

There are countless twins in movies and TV, but here are a few that you can enjoy on Twin Day without having to stress about it.

The Parent Trap (1961) & The Parent Trap (1998)

What better way to celebrate Twin Day than with a duo of twin-themed movies? The Parent Trap is pretty iconic when it comes to movies about twins, and watching both versions gives you twice the twin shenanigans to enjoy.

The Entire Mary Kate & Ashley Oeuvre

This list could be comprised entirely of Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen projects (and I won't lie to you, it kind of is). They made nearly twenty films together, and settling in for a few would be an ideal Twin Day marathon. Personal favorites include It Takes Two and Passport to Paris, but there's basically an Olsen twins movie to match every mood.

Sister, Sister

Just reading the title made you start singing the theme song, didn't it? (If you weren't, congrats, you are now.) Sister, Sister was a popular 90s sitcom that followed a familiar plot for twins in media: after being separated at birth, the girls found each other years later and discovered all the ways they were very different and very alike.

Two Of A Kind

If TV is more your speed, then the Olsens have you covered there too. Two of a Kind was like The Parent Trap meets The Nanny: though the girls were raised together, they do conspire to find romance for their dad by matchmaking him with their au pair.

So Little Time

So Little Time was the Olsen twins' final attempt at television, and it was as short-lived as Two of a Kind. It also skewed slightly older, following the sisters as high school students dealing with everything teens have to deal with. An underrated classic, in my opinion.

The Skeleton Twins

If you're looking for something that skates the line between drama and humor, then try The Skeleton Twins. It stars SNL alums Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig as previously estranged twins who reaffirm their bond after dealing with their own separate tragedies.

Beverly Hills, 90210

Considering its lengthy run and convoluted storytelling, it can be easy to forget that Beverly Hills, 90210 started off as the tale of twins Brenda and Brandon relocating to California from Minnesota. Their sibling bond was a big part of the early years, and they even take part in a twin study in one episode. Don't let the fact that Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty dated in real life creep you out too much while you rewatch.

Dead Ringer

If you're after a little old Hollywood in your twin marathon, try Bette Davis in Dead Ringer. Fun fact: it wouldn't be the only time Davis played twins; she also did so in A Stolen Life.

And this movie is not to be confused with Dead Ringers, a thriller starring Jeremy Irons as twin brothers, based on real life twins Stewart and Cyril Marcus.

She's The Man

While She's The Man doesn't spend a huge amount of time with its twins, the plot couldn't have happened if Viola didn't snag her twin brother Sebastian's spot at school by taking on his identity. It deals with duality, which is a popular theme in twin movies, and it's Amanda Bynes, so you can't go wrong.

No matter what genre you're interested in, there's sure to be a movie or show about twins to enjoy on Twin Day.