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9 Must-Have Spring Accessories For The '90s Cool Girl

Ahhh the '90s! Drew Barrymore graced the covers of every teen beauty magazine, Salt-n-Pepa was on the radio, Nirvana was on MTV and I was obsessed with the fashions of A Different World. I lived my life during the '90s like most teenage girls and college students, obsessed with the fashions of the '90s cool girl. I remember sporting funky mood rings, wire rim sunglasses, bamboo earrings and a Navajo choker similar to the one Janet Jackson wore in the “If” video. These were just some of the many must-have spring accessories for the '90s cool girl.

With shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Martin, Friends, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, inspiration was everywhere. The '90s cool girl wore crop tops with over-sized bright colored denim, waist tied plaid shirts with doc martens and frosty pink lips with a signature deep middle part. This was the type of girl that could wear anything and shut it down. My memories of this era are extremely nostalgic and still very vivid to my recollection. And with Netflix streaming many shows of the '90s, the lifestyle, fashion and accessory have inspired and clearly on trend for spring 2016. It’s not hard to believe how many of my favorites are making a comeback to the scene, they were great pieces. So if you missed your chance to be the fashion queen of the decade, check out these must-have spring accessories for the '90s cool girl.

1The Mini Back Pack


Where else would you store your glittery makeup? Even Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, hopped on the '90s cool girl hype with her debut video for her song "Fancy." The entire video was inspired by the fashion-forward '90s classic Clueless.

2Wire Rim Glasses


Meet the '90s cool girl who had no clue she was a '90s cool girl. MTV's Daria knew the struggles of being a teenage girls in the '90s. Her round rim glasses and sarcastic rhetoric was so on point during that time.

3Bamboo Earrings

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Salt-n-Pepa made me and every woman I knew want a pair of bamboo earrings. If I look through my high school year book right now I'm sure I will see almost every girl rocking a pair.

4Chokers and Layer Necklaces


You can blame the ladies of The Craft for this beautiful combination. Worn with jeans, tees or a skater dresses. The simple rope choker and long necklace has made a comeback this year.

5Mood Ring


The mood ring was a magical charm piece with the ability to share your feelings without telling anyone. Of course, you needed to know what each color meant.

6Denim Jacket


Another timeless piece worn by '90s cool girls was the denim jacket. Pair it with a floral skater dress, pencil skirt or cute midi skirt for a fun spring vibe.

7Flower Headpieces

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Flower power from the '70s returned in the '90s with cool girl Drew Barrymore and now back they're back on the scene serving a serious bohemian vibe.

8Doc Martens


How cute were Doc Marten boots? I owned three pair, which were completely against my mother wishes. I rocked them with denim shorts, maxi skirts and tunic dresses for perfect spring time attire.


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Platforms also made a comeback from the '70s into the '90s with a little help from the British girl group, Spice Girls. This group of cool girls displayed a variety of cool girl fashion all on one stage.