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9 Myths About Anal Sex That Are Pretty Prevalent & Untrue

Although you might laugh at the thought that some people think anal is reserved for male inmates, myths about anal sex are prevalent. And that's a problem for people who are inclined to try some backdoor action. If you've tried it once or twice and it hasn't worked for you; don't despair. It gets better.

Think about it. Wasn't vaginal intercourse (or oral sex) awkward or even painful the first couple times? So, doesn't it reason that the same hold true for anal? With a thoughtful (and gentle) partner, some yoga classes to relax the mind and body, and lube made especially for anal sex (there is even a lube that has desensitizing ingredients, if you're a newbie) you might find that backdoor entry is not only worth giving another try, but something you might add into your boudoir routine.

Anal orgasms exist for women, and according to Refinery 29, you don't need a prostate to have an anal orgasm — just an anus. In many ways, I like to think of the butt as an equal opportunity orifice. Your body is designed to climax from sensations in your butt hole. According to Scarleteen, the anus is a mucocutaneous part of the body, meaning that because the skin is comprised of mucosa and cutaneous tissue, it can give you the feels. In other words, your butt hole is an erogenous zone filled with tons of nerve endings that can lead to sexual arousal and climax. With that in mind, I'd like to debunk the following myths about anal sex.

Myth #1: Anal Sex Can Preserve Your Virginity

It's 2016. Vaginal intercourse is no different from anal intercourse. Intercourse is intercourse, unless you are ignorant.

Myth #2: Anal Sex Will Always Hurt

Not true. According to Cosmopolitan, you should have your partner go slowly, and build up to putting his penis back there by using finger foreplay around your butt, and using smaller sex toys to warm up the area. Obviously, use lube, and, try stimulating the clit at the same time so that you can experience pleasure over the pain.

Myth #3: Anal Sex Is Reserved For Gay Men

Sure, a lot of gay men have anal sex, but not all gay men. According to sex columnist Dan Savage, only 80 percent of gay men have anal sex. So, that leaves 20 percent of gay men doing other sexual activities for fun. Fact check before you make, assumptions.

Myth #4: Anal Sex Will Make Your Man Lose Respect For You

Gross! How dated. Sexologist Kat Van Kirk told Cosmopolitan in the same article that anal sex doesn't make you a "perverted" girl unworthy of human respect. In fact, because anal sex requires trust and communication between partners, it might just increase the bonds your intimacy with your man.

Myth #5: Anal Sex Is So Taboo

Yup, another myth. Kirk reported that anal sex is the number one fantasy reported by heterosexual couples, according to a Cosmopolitan poll. It might not be for you, but that doesn't mean it's a taboo.

Myth #6: Anal Sex Will Give You An STD

Unprotected sex can lead to STDs whether that sex is oral, anal, or vaginal, according to Health, and well, common sense. The Daily Dot pointed out that there's no greater risk for contracting an STD during anal sex, as long as you take the proper precautions and use a condom with lots of lube.

Myth #7: Anal Sex Is Unhygienic

OK, keeping it real, there is a possibility of anal sex getting dirty. And by dirty I mean there might be poop involved. But, the Daily Dot pointed out that poop isn't even stored in your anus: it's stored in your colon. And while there might be traces of feces in and around the anus, you can remedy this with a shower, or, in extreme cases, a pre-anal sex enema, according to Go Ask Alice.

Myth #8: Anal Sex Will Tear Your Butt Open

Although Scarleteen noted that the anus does not produce its own lubrication like the vagina does, major tears are uncommon. Instead, you can expect micro-tears, similar to the ones that occur in your vagina when you have vaginal intercourse. I always like to shower after any sexual activity, so I cleanse any tears that may have gone down during the deed.

Myth #9: Anal Sex Will Make Your Butt Hole Loose

The anus is a muscle and, as The Daily Dot noted, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Anal collapse or rectal prolapse is a medical condition caused by factors that exclude anal sex, and include chronic constipation and severe straining, noted the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.