9 Myths About Large Penises That You Shouldn't Put Stock In

Why do some myths about sex seem to hang around long after they have been disproven? It's normal for preteens to have some misconceptions about sex and bodies, but there are plenty of grown-ass adults who cling to myths much later in life. For instance, the myths about large penises that still abound may surprise you.

First things first: straight women's sexual preferences vary widely, and not everyone is a size queen. And, as many women are more than happy to explain, bigger does not necessarily mean better. A lover who is attentive and eager to learn is almost always preferable to any single body part. I mean, if size is the only concern, then there are plenty of products on the market that can fulfill that need.

But for whatever reason, these myths about gigantic dongs are still persistent. And although they may be par for the course in porn, it looks like most women are more than satisfied by whatever size of tool her partner is working with. There's nothing wrong with larger members, of course; they can be quite lovely in their own right. But there's no reason for men to worry about matching up to some footlong ideal that would likely be a turnoff to many potential lovers. Read on to learn more about these debunk-able big penis myths.

Myth #1: Bigger Is Always Better

Eh, not so much. As noted in Salon, a man packing an above average member may not necessarily have the bedroom skills to become a memorable lover. In many cases, a giving lover who is eager to please is preferable to a peen of any size.

Myth #2: Women Gossip About Your Size

I mean, sure: some do. But as sex worker Blithe Velour noted in the Daily Star, the women probably focus more on performance than size. Or they discuss literally anything else.

Myth #3: 8 Inches Is Average

Take out a ruler and seriously contemplate the reality of eight inches. Chances are, at least part of you is cringing. Thankfully, the average length is closer to five to six inches long, as noted by Everyday Feminism. Whew.

Myth #4: Length Is Crucial

Really, girth matters more. As noted in Live Science, around 90 percent of women reportedly prefer a wider penis to a longer one. (How did this idea that women prefer gigantic penises become so mainstream, anyway?)

Myth #5: There's A Correlation Between Feet and Penis Size

As noted in Psychology Today, there is not a significant correlation between a man's penis size and shoe size. Chances are, there isn't an easy way to determine what's in a man's trousers (at least, aside from the obvious).

Myth #6: You Can Take A Pill / Cream / Potion To Make It Bigger

Although a peek in your email's spam folder may suggest otherwise, there is no real truth to any claims that you can enlarge a penis, as noted in WebMD. In general, whatever a man has is what he's genetically supposed to have.

Myth #7: It's Too Big For A Condom

Uhhh, no. As noted on Buzzfeed, a contraception teacher stretched a condom over her entire arm to prove that point. A man making this claim is likely just flattering himself.

Myth #8: Flaccid Size Matters

Sometimes pants snakes can be surprising. According to Women's Health, a man's flaccid state has no bearing on his erect size. Guess growers and showers are really a thing.

Myth #9: Penetration Is Everything

Sure, it's understandable how straight men could believe penetration is the end-all be-all of sex. But as noted in GQ, some women prefer a guy who's good with his hands or tongue. Tastes can vary tremendously, and a large dong is not what all women prefer.