9 National Teacher's Day Gifts To Show Your Appreciation

If there's anyone who understands kids as well as parents do, it's their teachers. They spend just as much time with our kids as we do (sometimes even longer), working long hours before, during, and after school to prepare— grading papers, writing lesson plans, planning field trips and so much more. Chances are, most teachers don't get the thanks they deserve. Luckily, there's a holiday just for them; giving students and parents a chance to say thank you. Choosing the perfect National Teacher's Day gift can be tricky, however. And whether your child's teacher has the passion of New Girl's Jessica Day or not, they deserve to be celebrated.

Whether you decide to make something yourself, have your child help, or buy something from a store, a simple gift can speak volumes. Your gift doesn't have to be expensive and it certainly doesn't have to be boring. Skip the apple, a new ruler, or a cheesy decoration for their desk, and give them something they actually want. Because if anyone deserves to be appreciated, it's the people who help educate our children. These next nine gift ideas would be perfect for any teacher, regardless of age, what grade they teach, or how well you know them.


A Handmade Card From Your Child

Any teacher would love something handmade from their student. Let your child write (or dictate) a sweet message inside one of these printable thank you cards from Delia Creates. Or let them make the whole card themselves— either way, their teacher will love it.


A Magazine Subscription

Here's a shocking statement: teachers love learning too. Gift them with a subscription to a magazine in their field of expertise or something a little more fun and light. Either way they'll appreciate the gesture.


A Personalized Mug


With the amount of caffeine needed to survive teaching, any teacher would love a monogrammed mug ($8). Buy the pictured mugs from Anthropologie or make your own with a sharpie.


DIY 'Art Teacher' Necklaces

Even if it's not for an art teacher, gifting a sweet set of jewelry, like these art teacher necklaces by A Beautiful Mess, made by their student (with a little help from you, of course) would make any teacher smile.


A New Journal

A teacher can never have too many journals, like this one from Rifle Paper Co ($15). Pick up one from almost any store or online shop. Or you can make one using this tutorial.


New School Supplies

As unglamorous as it sounds, I promise any teacher will appreciate the value of some new pens or pencils ($5). And chances are they're tired of spending their own hard earned money buying new ones.


DIY Stamped Pencil Pouch

And of course, they'll need something to keep their new pens in. Make a super easy stamped pencil case via this tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect.


Homemade Goodies

Nothing says "thank you" like homemade baked goods. Make these mouthwatering Peter Pan Neverland chocolate chip cookies from Averie Cooks and give them a sweet treat they'll love.


A Gift For After School

Give them a gift that shows you understand the stress. This diy bloody mary mix from Almost Makes Perfect would hit the spot after a long day in the classroom.