9 Non-Toxic Pool Toys For The Kids To Enjoy

With summertime here and the sun shining bright, there's no better time to grab the kids and head to the pool. No matter if they're 13 months or 13 years old, any of the kids will appreciate a day at the pool. But going to the pool empty handed can take away from the fun, so making sure that you have a few non-toxic pool toys packed is a definite way to keep the kids active, occupied, and happy.

Why non-toxic, though? According to The Washington Post, the chemicals found in toys, like PVC and BPA, can be linked to health problems. Specifically, the chemicals in PVC have been linked to asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes, and many other chronic health problems, while research has linked BPA to reproductive problems, cancer, and other health issues.

But just because the chemicals in some toys pose a threat doesn't mean kids have to miss out on the fun in the sub. In light of the recent information discovered about the lasting effects that these chemicals have on children, many non-toxic toys have been designed to help children live a healthier life without taking away the fun.

Whether they're a little older or just getting acquainted with their time in the pool, these 11 non-toxic toys are great for getting a little play time in this summer.


Green Toys' Submarine

Green Toys Submarine, $9, Amazon

Made with recycled plastic milk jugs, Green Toys' submarine is non-toxic, dishwasher-safe toy that floats great in the bathtub or the pool.


Water Whirly For Toddlers

No batteries required, the water whirly for toddlers is designed to assist in developing your child's fine motor skills.


Sprig Scuba Search

Created to keep kids active and keep the planet healthy, the Sprig scuba search with Willie Ocean is great for water playtime with the kids


Hurley Hippo and Friends Bath Toy Set

Hurley Hippo and Friends Bath Toy Set, $12, Amazon

Though originally designed for bath time, the Hurley Hippo and Friends bath toy set is great for pool time too. Non-toxic and ec0-friendly, this soft squirt set will help develop key sensory and motor skills within your child.


Green Toys' Seaplane

Green Toys Seaplane, $18, Amazon

Like it's submarine counterpart, the Green Toys seaplane is also made from recycled milk jugs and is dishwasher safe.


Sprig Dolphin Adventure Playset

If you're looking to take your kids on a watery adventure, Sprig's dolphin adventure playset is great to get them started. With interchangeable characters for each one of Spig's playsets, having enough toys to play with will never be a question.


Underwater Gliding Shark Throwing Torpedo

Gliding Shark Torpedos, $13, Amazon

Great for parent-child interaction, these gliding shark torpedos use water-based paint to protect the child's safety.


Ottiman Summer Fun Water Toys

Featuring a rake and a shovel, these two-in-one Ottiman water toys serve as water guns as well.


Premium Starter Jr. Soft Toy Foam Football

Foam Football, $18, Amazon

Simple, yet fun, the Premium Starter foam football is a great way to get your little one active in the water this summer.