9 Nursing Bras That Actually Support Your Boobs & Don't Cost A Fortune

To say that breastfeeding changes your breasts is a laughable understatement. For most women, their "nursing boobs" are a few cup sizes larger, much firmer, prone to leaking, and of course, in need of more support than their pregnancy and pre-pregnancy boobs. The trouble is, finding nursing bras that actually support your boobs is usually easier said than done, regardless of your breast size.

Speaking from experience, a good nursing bra needs to be easily accessible, comfortable, and able to adjust to your fluctuating milk supply throughout the duration of your breastfeeding journey — not an easy task for a mere piece of clothing. Although the perfect bra might seem like the things your dreams are made of, there are a few bras on the market that stand above the rest and will put your search to a halt.

Whether you're looking for underwire-free bras, sports bras with extra support, or regular old t-shirt bras that prevent sagging, finding a bra to support your "milk jugs" can make your breastfeeding experience a million times more comfortable. Luckily, there's a nursing bra for every size and preference, because no mom should have to sacrifice her comfort (or her favorite bra) to breastfeed.


Seamless Nursing Bra

Jessica Simpson Seamless Nursing Bra, $35, Motherhood Maternity

Not your standard nursing bralette, this seamless nursing bra is underwire free, but still provides enough coverage for ultimate support. The straps can cross in the back as well, for added support.


Show Off Lace Bra

Show Off Nursing Bra, $60, Hot Milk Lingerie

Feel like your pre-pregnancy self with this sexy, lacy number from Hot Milk Lingerie. It offers enough support without sacrificing sexiness.


La Leche League Sports Bra

La Leche League Sports Bra, $29, Target

This lactation consultant-approved sports bra from Target provides coverage and support while allowing you to nurse easily (a feat that most sports bras can't claim).


Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Full Coverage Underwire Bra, $27, Motherhood Maternity

This full coverage underwire bra is the perfect basic, t-shirt bra that stays hidden while keeping you supported.


Padded Microfiber Bra

Microfiber wireless padded nursing bra, $27, JC Penny

Talk about comfort. This wireless bra provides just enough padding and the microfiber material makes it feel like memory foam for your boobs.


Bravado! Designs Bliss Nursing Bra

Bravado! Designs Bliss Nursing Bra, $29, Amazon

Another gorgeous bra without the uncomfortable underwire, the bliss nursing bra has a "flex fit" strap underneath to provide support without feeling frumpy.


Goddess Comfort Zone Nursing Bra

Goddess Comfort Zone Nursing Bra, $20, Mommy Gear

With the look and comfort of a sports bra, but the support of a regular bra, the Goddess Comfort Zone bra combines the best of both bra-worlds into a single super supportive bra for all sizes.


Sugar Candy Fully Seamless Nursing Bra

Sugar Candy Fully Seamless Nursing Bra, $60, Cake Lingerie

Designed for plus size women, the sugar candy fully seamless nursing bra has under-breast support without underwires, shorter stretch straps to prevent pulling down, and lock-stitch design for ultimate support.


Anita Women's Underwire Bra

Anita Women's Underwire Bra, $44, Amazon

If you're looking for a standard underwire bra with added coverage and support, the Anita bra from Amazon provides support and allows for easy access while nursing.