9 Nursing Bras That Don't Look Like Nursing Bras

One of my biggest fears after becoming a mom (OK, not the biggest, but up there on the list) was that I'd be restricted to wearing "mom clothes." Fashion is an amazing form of self expression, and I was worried that between my changing body and breastfeeding my daughter I would never be able to find anything stylish ever again. Including my lingerie. Seriously, finding nursing bras that don't look like nursing bras is a tough order. It seems most options are frumpy, boring, and have about as much lift as wrapping a single piece of fabric around your boobs.

Luckily, brands are catching on that new moms want clothes that make them look and feel as good as they deserve to — and that extends to their underwear too. There are actually a lot of beautiful bras out there specifically designed with nursing in mind that don't look like something your great aunt would want to wear too.

So if you, like me, suffer from a phobia of an ugly postpartum wardrobe, add a few of these nursing bras to your closet. Because if what's under your clothes makes you feel great, the rest of your clothes are sure to follow suit.


Pretty In Polka Dots

There's nothing frumpy about this wireless demi nursing bra ($20) from A Pea in the Pod maternity.


Hot Pink Mama

This nursing bra ($10) from Walmart is pretty and affordable. Double win.


Lady In Lace

This black lace Belabumbum nursing bra ($46) from Soma is as comfortable as it looks without sacrificing any of the sexiness.


The Show Off

This bra is appropriately named the show off nursing bra ($60) from Hot Milk.


Lavender Sorbet

This plus size nursing bra ($80) from Cake Maternity is as supportive and comfortable as you need it to be, with prettiness to spare.


Fast Food

Just because you're working out doesn't mean you have to deal with the awkwardness of nursing in a regular sports bra. This Fast Food sports bra ($69) from Nordstrom will help you do both easily.


Bright And Rosy

This bright red nursing bra ($28) from ASOS is certainly not boring. It's comfortable too, without any extra padding.


Memory Foam Magic

If comfort is your top goal, this MAMA nursing bra ($25) from H&M is for you underwire-free and made of super soft memory foam, you'll never want to take it off.


Pretty Yet Sexy

If sexy and functional with a wide variety of sizes is what you're going for, this Pretty Yet Sexy nursing bra ($58) from Bella Materna is for you.