9 Of The Most Effective Ways To Prevent & Cover Up Spider Veins

With the weather becoming cooler, now is the perfect time to get your legs in the shape that you want them. Since pants and stockings will become regulars in your choices of attire for the next few months, there's no reason why rectifying the issues with your spider veins can't be on your list of priorities. Though it may seem as if they are impossible to get rid of, there are some effective ways to prevent and cover up spider veins.

Although spider veins are something that I've never dealt with first hand, I know plenty of people who have the issue and are a little insecure about it. Some of my friends who have spider veins have opted against wearing things that show their legs or their arms during the warmer months because of their spider veins, while others are not bothered by it. So before your sense of reluctance to show your legs kicks in again, try a few new tips and tricks to help you change up your habits before next summer.

Regardless of how you feel about your spider veins, if you're looking for a way to either cover them up or prevent them from expanding, these nine things can be done to help you out.


Use A Tinted Concealer

According to Allure, using a tinted concealer is a way to cover up spider veins if you have them. The concealer will help cover up the blue-green lines that come from your spider veins.


Use Self-Tanning Lotion

One How To noted that a self-tanning lotion covers up spider veins, because it gives you skin a nice color at any time of the year.


Wear Sunscreen To Help Prevent

When it comes to preventing spider veins, Office on Women's Health noted that wearing sunscreen will prevent spider veins.


Undergo Sclerotherapy

According to Women's Health magazine, the most effective option for removing spider veins would be to undergo sclerotherapy, which consists of injecting a mixture of salt, fatty acids, and glycerin into the faulty vein. This process will allow the blood to flow back into the vein safely.


Avoid Wearing Tight Clothing

ELLE magazine noted that avoiding tight clothing helps with the prevention of spider veins because your blood flow won't be restricted.


Elevate Your Legs When Resting

According to Office on Women's Health, elevating your legs as much as possible when resting will help the blood flow efficiently through your legs.


Wear Compression Stockings

One How To also noted that wearing compression stockings will help with this issues, too. These types of stockings improve circulation in the legs and relieve discomfort.


Stick To A Low-Salt, High-Fiber Diet

ELLE magazine noted that high amounts of salt will put pressure on your veins and cause water retention. So if you stick to a low-salt diet, you can decrease your chance of developing spider veins.


Regularly Exercise To Improve Your Leg Strength

Office on Women's Health noted that participating in regular exercise will help improve your leg and vein strength and circulation. This will assist in prevention of spider veins.