9 Old-School Beauty Hacks To Try

by Lindsay E. Mack

With blogs, vlogs, and YouTube channels galore, the modern beauty community is a lively place. One day holographic looks are in; the next, you need a rainbow-colored highlighter. Instead of chasing after the latest "it" product, sometimes you just want to take a step back and simplify. In these instances, it's helpful to know which old-school beauty hacks to bring back. Because sometimes, the simplest and easiest solutions are best.

This is not to say that all vintage beauty practices should be resurrected. I mean, arsenic was once used as a hair remover, according to HuffPo. (It makes you appreciate wax salons, right?) Oh, and at various times lead, mercury, and even radium have been used in beauty routines, as noted by The Cut. So to be clear, plenty of old-timey beauty tricks should stay in the past. Radium probably did make a fantastic highlighter, but at what cost?

On the other hand, the simple and straightforward beauty advice from a few decades past often held a lot of wisdom. Using plenty of moisturizer, staying out of the sun, and getting many uses from one product are all good guidelines to follow. Not to mention, many of these older routines had a self-care element to them as well. Read on to see what you might enjoy incorporating into your own modern routine.


Moisturize Everything

If there's one vintage beauty secret that seems to stand above the rest, moisturizer would be it. As noted in the website for The Today Show, women have used everything from Crisco to Noxema as a moisturizer. There are more options now, but the lesson remains the same: moisturized skin is happy.


Splash Ice Water On Your Face

Some beauty hacks don't require a lot of money, just strong nerves. As noted in the website for Cosmopolitan, splashing your face with ice water is one way to keep skin tight. Channel your inner Joan Crawford and give it a shot.


Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Back in my grandmother's day, parasols, hats, and long-sleeved shirts were worn by women of all ages and backgrounds. Part of the reason was practicality: they wanted to stay cool during the summers before air conditioning was a thing. But this level of sun protection is commendable today as well. Why not check out the modern interpretation of SPF clothing and beauty, courtesy of Bustle? Protecting your skin never goes out of style.


Soak In A Rosemary Foot Bath

Long before mani-pedi shops appeared on every corner, people appreciated the power of a good foot soak. According to Buzzfeed, a 1914 beauty book recommended soaking your feet in warm water infused with fresh rosemary sprigs. It's aromatherapy, self-care, and a beauty treatment all in one.


Use Lipstick As A Blush

Sure, you could try the oldest hack of all by pinching your cheeks. But to achieve a more lasting look, women in the 1940s dotted some lipstick on a rag and then applied that to their cheeks, as explained by the Queens of Vintage blog. You might be able to repurpose a forgotten lipstick as a nice cheek stain.


Try Facial Massage

Relaxation and glowing skin for free? Yes, please. According to XO Jane, a 1930s beautician textbook recommended face and scalp massage to distribute oils and remove loose skin. Plus, it looks like a super way to chill and destress.


Use Spices As a Perfume

Don't want spring for a pricey gourmand fragrance? Take an old-school tip from Reader's Digest and dab a bit of vanilla extract on the sides of your neck. You will smell delicious.


Clean Off Makeup Every Night

Man, the hype about keeping your face clean goes back a long time. According to the website for Good Housekeeping, many women removed their makeup each night to keep skin fresh. Whether you opt for cold cream or micellar water, hitting the hay with a fresh face is crucial.


Spritz Rose Water

Rose water has been around forever. As explained in Style Caster, one old-school beauty tip is to spritz your face with rose water during the day to stay moisturized. It smells pleasant and feels freaking glamorous.