9 Orgasm Hacks That'll Give You Bigger & Better Os

Have you looked up information about the female orgasm lately? The terms "mysterious," "elusive," and even "magical" are used with abandon, and that's pretty frustrating. After all, it's a normal bodily process, not a hunt for rare Pokémon. So if you want a more down-to-earth guide to increasing your pleasure, you should utilize some orgasm hacks that are rooted in scientific studies and basic anatomical knowledge. There is no need to think about your ability to orgasm as this hunt for a mythic creature on a dark continent. That makes it sound like a difficult task from the start. In reality, it's all about learning your body, paying attention to what you like and dislike, and going from there.

That said, the mind-body connection does have a big effect on your orgasm. To help you out, some of these tips concern your headspace, as well as advice to help you focus on the moment. After all, sometimes clearing your mind is the trickiest thing of all when it comes to great sex.

In general, though, making sure you cover the basics, such as getting enough foreplay and clitoral stimulation, can make the difference between a bang and a fizzle. Hopefully this orgasm advice can help you think about your body in a more realistic way. For most women, an orgasm is something their bodies can achieve with enough stimulation. As long as it feels good and you're enjoying yourself, then everything is all right. There's no mystery involved.



Hey, if your brain is the biggest sex organ, why not use that to your advantage? According to Cosmopolitan, your arousal can be stoked by simply fantasizing during your day. The best part: your daydreams don't have to adhere to any rules of logic, morality, or even physics.


Rock Your Socks

OK, it might sound bonkers, but according to the BBC, researchers from the University of Groningen found that 80 percent of couples were able to achieve orgasm when they wore socks, compared to a 50 percent success rate beforehand. It looks like cold feet are a rather literal impairment to enjoyable sex.


Do A Pelvic Warmup

To kick off your feelings of arousal, it might help to warm up a bit. As explained in Refinery 29, doing some Kegels before you get down may help get your blood flowing to the areas where you need it most. It can get your body get primed to go to O-town.


Dress Sexy

Dress for the orgasm you want, not the orgasm you have. (Or something). According to Everyday Health, dressing seductively can also help put you in the mood. At the very least, it's fun to play dress-up now and then.


Hit The G-Spot

Sure, there's still some debate over whether the G-spot even exists. Why not do your own research? According to Buzzfeed, engaging the G-spot may result in even better orgasms. It never hurts to try, right?



It's been said a million times: PIV sex often does not provide women with the clitoral stimulation needed to achieve orgasm. But you can always use a penis ring to make up for what nature lacks, as explained in Glamour. It just might become your new favorite accessory.


Get In The Moment

Are you focused on the task at hand, or thinking about how you look to your partner? Getting out of your own head and participating, instead of spectating, is a straightforward way to get in the right mindset, according to Cosmopolitan. It's all about that brain.



Talking it out can give you and your partner the chance to really figure out what works when it comes to your pleasure. And as noted in Elite Daily, chatting with your partner about your preferences, in as much detail as you like, is the best way to make sure all your needs are met. You can't expect anyone to be a mind reader.


Go Solo

Hey, it helps to know how to take matters into your own hands. As Cosmopolitan spelled it out, enjoying female masturbation means you can take your time to explore without any pressure to get to the finish line. After some serious self-discovery, you can share your newfound knowledge with a partner.