9 Parenting Lessons Every Muggle Mom Can Take From ‘Harry Potter’ That Don’t Include Locking Your Child in a Closet

Children all over the world over have taken life lessons from the Harry Potter series, as the stories are rich with insight on the value of friendship, the dangers of prejudice, and the importance of bravery in the face of obstacles. But moms can also take some cues from the series when they embark on the great adventure of raising their families. Yes, even muggles can get some parenting lessons from Harry Potter.

Perhaps you already take some parenting cues from the famous characters. When your little ones are driving you up the wall, do you try to channel Professor McGonagall’s absolute calm in the face of chaos? When you catch your kids in a lie, do you try to avoid acting like Dolores Umbridge? (I hope so!) And Molly Weasley is obviously your #momgoal, right?

It isn’t completely crazy to take parenting tips from these fictitious characters. J.K. Rowling herself is a parent of three children, and acknowledged the difficulties of being a working mom in a 2001 BBC  interview.

“People very often say to me, ‘How did you do it? How did you raise a baby and write a book?’ and the answer is, I didn't do housework for four years! I'm not Superwoman,” she said.

She may not be Superwoman, but Rowling did impart some serious parenting wisdom into her stories. Soak in some of the parenting lessons she hid throughout the Harry Potter series, and try to add some of them to your daily routine (if you aren’t already.)


You’ll Do Anything To Get Your Child the Right Education

While you may not send your kids away to an enchanted castle, you’ll likely spend a lot of time thinking about their education. Of course, the debate between public, private, or home-school can be so intense that you’ll wish you had a sorting hat to decide for you.


2. Kids Can Be Smarter Than You Think

Occasionally your child will drop a truth bomb that leaves you in stunned silence and then go back to normal-kid mode like nothing happened. When did you get so smart?!


Sometimes Your Kids Will Drive You Crazy

Occasionally you may get a call from school that makes you want to scream, “My kid did what?!” Even smart kids can do seriously stupid things from time to time; it’s just a part of growing up. And who knows? Maybe junior has a future in running a joke shop.


You Have To Let Your Children Make Mistakes

Sure, it’s tough to watch them get bumps and bruises, be it from Quidditch practice or life. But sometimes they have to get knocked around before they can see straight.


Sometimes Tough Love Is Necessary

Unfortunately, you can’t always be your kid’s best friend. While banishing your child to a closet under the stairs might be a bit too much, sometimes you have to lay down the law.


Pets Can Teach Children Responsibility and Empathy

While the family dog is (hopefully) not an animagus, Fido can help teach your child how to care for a dependent creature. And wouldn’t Buckbeak make a great dog name?  


Love Is More Important Than Money

While the Weasley family was by no means rich, life at the Burrow was always full of love and joy. A few tattered hand-me-downs are totally fine if your family is close and happy.


You'll Defend Your Child At All Costs

Even the most mild-mannered mother will go to the ends of the earth to protect her kid. Your inner Mama Bear is ready to defend your cub at a moment’s notice.


A Mother’s Love Is the Most Powerful Magic

No spoilers, but it’s safe to say that Harry benefitted greatly from his mother’s love. And your own children are fortunate to have yours.

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