9 Parenting Lessons To Learn From Joey On 'Full House'

by Autumn Jones

Joey Gladstone is the beloved surrogate uncle of the girls in the Full House clan, and although he isn't related by blood, there is no disputing that everyone thinks of Joey as family. His fun loving attitude and passion for comedy make him the ultimate babysitter and playmate for all the Tanner girls. Even though he is usually considered to be more of a big kid than a full-fledged adult, we can all learn a few valuable parenting lessons from Joey's years on Full House.

But now that Fuller House is about to be released on the world, viewers will be anxious to see what the roles are like now that the kids are all grown up. Will Kimmy Gibbler be as annoying as ever? Can Joey still do his spot-on Bullwinkle impression? Does Uncle Jesse still have drool worthy hair?

No matter what changes the years between Full House and Fuller House may bring, one thing will remain the same: Joey's big heart and love of life will steal the scene. And as always — in his own way — he will teach you something that you can apply to your own life. Here are somethings Joey can teach you about parenting that will make the journey more fun.


Have Fun

Joey was never one to take himself too seriously. He never turned down an opportunity to have a good time with the kids or the adults. Having that kind of care-free attitude every so often can cut out the stress of parenting and put the whole family at ease.


Have A Catch Phrase

Almost all the characters on Full House had a catch phrase for time period. But Joey's famous "Cut. It. Out." (with coordinating hand motions) lasted the whole length of the series. Think of it as a fun way to deal with the kids when you've had enough.


Get In On Play Time

Joey never seemed to be too busy to take a break and play with the kids (especially little Michelle). Not only does this give you a break from your adult duties, but it shows the kids that you want to spend with time them.


Be A Good Friend

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Friendship is important to Joey, and he always modeled how to be a good friend. Kids pick up on our behaviors and showing them how to be a good friend is always better than just telling them.


Keep It Real

Kids can usually see through BS, but they will always remember when you told them the truth.


Be True To Yourself

If there was ever anyone who embodied the phrase "you do you," it was Joey. Never afraid to be an individual, he showed the kids that it's best to be true to who you are and celebrate your unique qualities.


Don't Try To Be Perfect

Kids should see that we all have flaws, even the adults they love most. Joey never claimed to be perfect and was always open about his shortcomings.


Try Things That Your Kids Like

Bonding with your kids over something they love is a fun way to strengthen your relationship. Take a page from Joey's book and try something new that is of interest to your child.


Know When To Be Serious

Even an eternal prankster like Joey knew when it was time to be serious. Some situations call for your best purple cardigan and undivided attention.