9 Playdough Recipes For Kids

by Yvette Manes

When I was young and bored, my mom would reach into the pantry for flour and salt to make me some easy homemade playdough. This stuff could keep me busy for hours. Today, there are countless playdough recipes for kids on YouTube and craft blogs. So not only can your little ones have fun playing with the dough, but they can watch how it's made and maybe even take part in it.

Although most homemade playdoughs are made with food products, not every recipe is edible. According to BBC News, a 2014 warning from the UK's National Poisons Information Service noted that homemade play dough can contain enough salt to poison a child or your pets. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also warned that, because flour comes from a grain directly pulled from fields where animals may roam, homemade playdough can contain bacteria such as E. coli. It's important to supervise your kids to make sure they aren't eating the playdough, no matter how good it looks or smells (Seriously, who doesn't love that playdough scent.) And, if you want to play it extra safe, choose recipes for edible playdough, instead.

Here are some easy homemade playdough recipes that your kids will love.


Flour, Water, & Salt Playdough

The Play Doh Kitchen has an easy homemade playdough recipe that only includes three ingredients: flour, water, and salt. Add a little food coloring, for that extra pop of fun.


Conditioner & Corn Starch Playdough

This recipe two ingredient playdough recipe from Pins and Things is so quick and easy. Not to mention it looks like it could be the softest homemade playdough, ever.


Cooked Playdough

This cooked playdough from What's Up Moms requires a little adult supervision. But it's worth it for a playdough that features =gold glitter.


Crayon Playdough

Our Family Nest's crayon playdough recipe, is also a stove top project. But instead of food coloring, they use crushed and melted crayons to make colorful playdough. What a great idea for repurposing all of those old and broken crayons your kids have, right?


Frosting & Powdered Sugar Playdough

If you're worried about your kid taste-testing the playdough, you can try an edible playdough recipe. CraftyGirls' edible playdough is made from cake frosting and powdered sugar. In the video, they used white frosting and added food coloring, but you can use any type you'd like.


Peeps Playdough

If you have some leftover marshmallow Peeps from Easter, you can try this Peeps playdough recipe by BunnieClaire. All you need are Peeps, coconut oil, and powdered sugar.


Jell-O Playdough

You will have to use the stove again for this Jell-O playdough recipe by SoCraftastic. She uses Jell-O along with water, flour, salt, cream of tartar, and cooking oil to make playdough strikingly similar to the kind you buy at the store. The Jell-O provides the color, and won't stain your hands.


Kool-Aid Playdough

BeforeAndAfterTV's channel used packs Kool-Aid playdough is a brightly colored creation that doesn't come off on your hands.


Vaseline Playdough

One of the most interesting recipes around, Bum Bum Lab's Vaseline playdough looks soft and squishy. Just make sure your little one doesn't put this one in their mouth.