9 'Pokemon Go' Costumes To Buy Or DIY

It's almost time for Halloween, but that hasn't taken the attention off of the craze known as Pokémon Go. If you're a fan of the game or of the show that spawned the game, then you know how serious it gets when it comes to getting the perfect costume to reflect your favorite Pokémon. Since it's such an intricate part of just about every '90s kids life getting good Pokémon Go costumes to buy or DIY for this Halloween would be perfect.

If you've played the game, you know that it places a magnifying glass on your childhood by enabling you to catch Pokémon in real time. Though the game came out this past summer, it's still been very popular amongst crowds. Since you're able to create your own trainer, this Halloween will be even more fun because you won't have to go as the typical Ash, Misty, and Brock combination with your friends. You can choose to be apart of Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct, or just simply choose to go as your favorite Pokémon out of the ones you've caught.

Whatever you choose to do, having the option to purchase or make your costume yourself is perfect for catering your costume to your specific needs. If you need a little inspiration, these nine ideas can help.


Team Valor Trainer

Catch 'em all in style at this year's Halloween party with this Team Valor Pokémon Go costume ($80).


Team Mystic Trainer

Are you more a Team Mystic member? Well, get on board with this Team Mystic replica costume ($86).


Team Instinct Trainer

If none of the other teams are what you're interested in, you can always choose to go a different route with this Team Instinct costume ($86).



Become the most loved Pokémon of them all in this Pikachu ($50) inspired Halloween costume.



Start a fire this Halloween with this cool Charmander costume ($20).



Need a quick and easy way to DIY an Eevee costume this year? All you'll need is a brown jumper ($18), a fluffy white boa ($6), and an Eevee ears and tail set ($13).



Channel your inner water character with this DIY Squirtle costume. All you'll need is blue cardigan ($20), yellow tank top ($7), blue skirt ($25), brown backpack ($10), and a Squirtle sunstache ($10)



Want to do an easy option for the Halloween party this year? Grab white skirt ($11), red top ($4), a black belt ($13), and cut out a cardboard black and white circle for the center of your belt.


Ash Ketchum

Though Pokémon Go enables you to create your own trainer character, many fans of the game still relate Ash Ketchum to the lineup. If you want to upgrade your regular Ash Ketchum DIY costume, try stepping it up with this cool Pokémon Go jacket ($50) from Angel Jackets, alongside his red and white hat and green gloves ($23).