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Do These 9 Things After Shaving & Hair Will Stay Away Longer

Shaving is not many people's favorite grooming ritual. Sure, hairless legs feel amazing under a fresh set of sheets, but the whole shaving process is a time-consuming drag. That said, the post-shaving tricks to keep hair from growing back can prolong that silky feeling and limit the number of times you have to shave during the week.

Although plenty of hair removal methods are available, from waxing to laser treatments, shaving remains the most popular approach. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, approximately 58 percent of women use shaving as their go-to hair removal method. The site also noted that it takes an average of 11 minutes to complete a shave job, you probably want to make sure the time consuming task lasts as long as possible.

For the record, plenty of feminine people don't shave at all, according to Bustle, and that's totally cool too. Hair removal is not a sacrosanct ritual — it's just an option.

If you're into shaving though, it's understandable if you want to make that work last. A few changes to the skin care routine, and even a bit of razor maintenance, can go a long way. Even if you're a skincare devotee, some of these tips might come as news to you. Read on to learn all about getting the smoothest skin of your life.


Exfoliate Regularly

If skin care has one secret weapon, exfoliation may be it. In fact, regular exfoliation can make get the closest shave possible when it is time to wield the razor, according to Beauty and Tips.


Let Skin Rest

After a shave, your skin needs a little time to chill. According to the website for Schick, it's smart to let your shaved skin rest for about 30 minutes before applying any lotion containing alcohol or contacting chlorinated water. Basically, it's a good idea to shave a little ahead of time if you're headed to the pool or beach.


Moisturize Wisely

Regular moisturizer may not stop hair from growing back, but it will at least help maintain soft skin. (Softness is the name of the game, right?) If your skin is sensitive, look for lotions that are alcohol-free and less likely to irritate that just-shaved skin.


Splash With Cold Water

Razor bumps can get in the way of a smoother shave next time. Plus, they can be uncomfortable. According to The Knot, splashing razor-bumped areas in cold water can help soothe skin immediately. If you're hardcore, consider an all-over cool water rinse in the shower right after you shave.


Replace Your Razor

How often do you remember to change a razor before hopping in the shower? If you're like me, the thought only comes to mind in the middle of the shower, when you're covered in soap and several feet away from the drawer of fresh cartridges. Making the blade change a part of your post-shave routine can help prevent these awkward moments. According to HuffPo, it's best to change a razor cartridge after about five uses. Swap out the razor after your shave if the blade was performing less than perfectly.


Sanitize Your Razor

When you're done shaving, you may be prone to rinse off the razor and leave it, dripping wet, in the damp shower. This, however, may hurt your skin in the long run. As noted in The Telegraph, razors can harbor bacteria, leading to red, bumpy skin and a less than close shave. Thoroughly rinsing and drying your razor, then storing it out of the shower, can keep things sanitary and, ultimately smoother.


Try A Hair-Inhibiting Cream

Want to slow your hair growth? It might be possible. More suggested you invest in a hair inhibiting creams may help weaken the hair follicle until it stops growing hair entirely. If you're curious, there are loads of creams to try out.


Use Shimmery Lotion

When the regrowth comes in strong, despite your best efforts, try camouflaging it. Bustle suggested that shimmery lotion can make stubble less visible. Plus, you get an excuse to wear more sparkly stuff.


Consider Alternatives

If shaving is just not providing the smooth skin you want, then look beyond the razor. Waxing, epilators, and laser treatments are all popular methods of hair removal. The razor is far from your only option.