Do These 9 Things Post-Wax To Keep Hair From Coming Back

by Lindsay E. Mack

Despite the many hair removal techniques available today, one tried-and-true method remains popular: waxing. Really, nothing compares to the silky softness of freshly waxed skin. To keep that softness going, there are some post-waxing tricks to keep hair from coming back that will make the treatment last as long as possible. After all, most people don't want to endure the stinging sensation of ripped hair more often than necessary.

The pain factor notwithstanding, waxing is one beauty treatment that's around to stay. If anything, its popularity is increasing. In fact, according to Inc., personal waxing and salon services as an industry grew 7.6 percent per year from 2010 to 2015. Getting rid of body and facial hair is a big (think billion-dollar) business.

For consumers, this means waxing options are more prevalent and specific than ever. Seriously, have you checked out the menu for waxing services lately? A person's legs, arms, back, butt, underarms, ears, chin, and even nose are all fair game for the hot wax. Basically, anything with a hair follicle can be smoothed out in no time. But whatever you get waxed, there's a good chance you want to keep that area smooth and hair-free for many weeks. To help prolong your waxing session, check out these tips.



Is there anything exfoliation can't do? As noted in iDiva, regular exfoliation will help keep skin soft and prepped for the next waxing. Plus, it feels good to scrub up now and then.


Go Pro

I'm all about DIY beauty, but in this case, it's better visit a professional waxer. A pro waxer will know all about dealing with different directions of hair growth, getting the wax temperature right, and making the most out of every strip. Plus, it's difficult to reach certain parts of your own body, especially when wielding hot wax.


Keep Drinking Water

Water is everything. According to Healthy Builderz, wax tends to work best on skin that's moisturized and hydrated, not dry. That means getting your daily H2O fix.


Let It Grow

This is more of a long-term plan. According to the Grizzly Bare's Waxing Studio site, hair needs to be about a quarter to half-inch in length for best results when waxing. Waiting for it to get long enough to take the wax is crucial, because too-short hair might not get removed at all.



In the weeks following a wax appointment, hydration is crucial. Skincare, particularly moisturizing, is the key to maintaining soft skin after any waxing treatment, according to Byrdie. Grab your favorite lotion and go for it.


Skip Shaving

It's tempting to reach for a razor the second a bit of fuzz appears. If, however, you're serious about sticking to waxing, it's important to step away from the blade. Shaving in between waxing sessions undoes the benefit of removing hair from the root, as noted by HuffPo. You will just have to wait that much longer for the hair to regrow for your next waxing.


Stick To A Schedule

Keeping up with waxing appointments is key. According to the website for the Glow Med Spa, regular waxing appointments work with the hair's growth cycle and help thin out the hair that does return. This means later appointments will be less painful, and the regrowth will become less noticeable.


Try A Hair-Inhibiting Cream

Using a lotion or moisturizer with hair inhibitor properties may help slow the regrowth process. Chat with your waxer to find a cream that's right for you.


Wait It Out

Waxing is a marathon, not a sprint. Although it may not be a permanent way to remove hair, waxing frequently can reduce the amount of hair that regrows over time for some people, according to the website for Cosmopolitan. As smoother skin becomes the norm, you might be able to stretch out the time between appointments.