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9 Products Invented By Moms That Make A+ Holiday Gifts

Mothers are the smartest, strongest, most amazing women we know. As soon as you become a mother yourself, you'll find yourself capable more than ever expected. It is like you're a superhero: one who can do anything with one hand and on minimal sleep, all the while producing food for their babies... through their boobs. And because mothers are basically keeping humanity afloat, they also constantly coming up with genius ideas to make their lives — and of others — easier. So while you're holiday shopping, look no further than this list of products invented by moms that will make the perfect holiday gift.

Some mother-invented products are life savers that are specifically designed to make parenting a big of a smoother ride, but most of these just make straight up great gifts. No one gets mothers — or people — like mothers, so naturally, it's not surprising that some of the most perfect gifts you could get someone will be invented by none other than a badass mom.

Here is a list of some of the best inventions made by our favorite people — mothers! — that will not only make someone happy, but also probably help them as well.

For The Nester

The Wren Birdies, $140, Birdies

Drabby house slippers get a seriously chic and cozy upgrade. Birdies specializes in fashionable footwear for, get this, the indoors. This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to put around the house, especially if they've got an appreciation for fashion.

For The New Parents

Ring Sling, $65, WildBird

Baby-wearing is a beautiful way to get close to your little one. But some baby carriers can be not only uncomfortable, but really hard to figure out. That's why Taylor Golden creator of Wildbird ring slings created these foolproof, stylish, high-quality slings that are accessible to all families. This is the perfect gift for any new parent who wants to keep close to their little one, even dads.

For The Fashionable Mama Of A Teether

Chewbeads Bedford Necklace, $17, ChewBeads

Yes, this is a teether. And it's also a stylish necklace. Moms — or dads — can wear this accessory around their neck and let their teething baby go to town on it — we can't say the same for any of your other treasured jewelry. Chewbeads is a chic, non-toxic jewelry line, which allows mothers to stay in style while giving their babies something safe to chew on, and it's a win for both mama and baby.

For The Girl On The Go

Classic Nugget Pulleez, $16, Pulleez

Ponytails are basically gold. Fashion producer Diana Wright created this stylish line of ponytails when she needed something to hold models' hair back quickly without leaving an unwanted crease. It's a fashionable accessory for anyone who's a fan of a ponytail and it comes in array of colors (to blend into different hair colors) with dozens of different charms, from minimal to bedazzled.

For The Baby

WubbaNub, $14, Amazon

Gwen Stefani swears by this and we should always need to follow Gwen's trend, right? Carla Schneider was sick of her child always losing his binky, so she created a line of adorable of products that combine a baby's two favorite things: their stuffed animal and pacifier. It's something they would actually appreciate because let's be honest, they don't give two cents about that incredibly adorable outfit you got them for Christmas.

For The Beauty Junkie

Honest Beauty Everything Makeup Palette, $22, Honest Beauty

In fall 2015 Jessica Alba created her own makeup line within her beloved diaper and cleaning company, Honest. And thank goodness, because she always looks stunning. Not only is her line eco-friendly, but her products will leave you looking flawless. Alba, who is a mother of two, describes her beauty routine as "a quick, rushed situation." She told InStyle that she needed a product that is quick and easy to use. This makeup line is the perfect gift for anyone who is conscious about the ingredients in all their beauty products and wants to look fly.

For The Breastfeeding Mom

The Feeder Frock, $40, Etsy

This frock is the perfect breastfeeding coverup for the nursing mama. They are designed to allow the mother to move freely, without having an accidental nip slip. They're a great gift for any new mama who wants to stay in style, but also don't feel comfortable about letting it all bare out in public — even though there is nothing wrong with that.

For The Skincare Obsessed

Ever Skin Care, $26-$88, Ever

For your friend who never wants to age, Jessica Herrin, founder of the popular customizable jewelry line Stella & Dot, just released Ever, an anti-aging skin line. Ever is a 12-piece collection that will leave anyone's skin looking amazing, and includes everything from cleansers to masks to serums.

For Every Woman

Elvie Kegel Exercise Tracker, $200, Elvie

If you are looking for a unique gift for your BFF, this is something that she may be a little surprised by, but will find so useful once she puts it into action. Tania Boler is the mama co-founder of Elvie, a pelvic floor exercise tracker. It helps exercise a muscle you can't see, but is important none-the-less, especially for women who have recently had a vaginal delivery. Elvie will help improve bladder control, core strength, and intimate health. It also speeds up postnatal recovery and will help reach stronger orgasms. This is a gift your best friend deserves. Actually, put one in your cart for yourself, too.

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