9 Quickie Positions All Parents Of Young Kids Should Know

by Lindsay E. Mack

Little children certainly give your home an abundance of joy and activity, but they can also do a number on your love life. When you spend day after day chasing tiny humans around and meeting their every need, it can be difficult to even think about your sex life. However, you don't have to forego romance until your youngest goes off to college. The quickie positions all parents of young kids should know will help you and your partner make the most of whatever time you can steal for yourselves.

Although the idea of a long, leisurely lovemaking session may just make you feel tired, consider the quickie. You and your SO can keep your sex lives going without sacrificing much time (because let's face it, any real free time you get is probably going to be used for sleep). And, because of the inherently unpredictable nature of quickies, they can help inject a little erotic thrill into unexpected parts of your day. Suddenly, taking a couple of minutes to yourselves when the kids are watching TV can translate into some well-deserved adult time. Check out these positions so you and your partner can maintain your sex lives amidst your swirl of responsibilities.


Quickie Fix

This may be the easiest position of all, because you don't even have to take your clothes all the way off. For the quickie fix, you'll bend over at the waist and have your partner enter you from behind, as explained in Women's Health. You can grab your knees for extra support, or brace against the wall or a bed.


Pleasure Pick-Me-Up

Standing positions are a helpful addition to any couple's repertoire, and many of them are tailor-made for quickies. For the pleasure pick-me-up position, wrap your legs around your partner's waist and put your arms over the shoulders, as explained in Cosmopolitan. Brace your feet against the bed or other low piece of furniture for added stability.


Doggy Style

Hey, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to have a quickie. Doggy style offers maximum stimulation for both parties, so you can likely get to orgasm in no time, as noted in Women's Health. Plus, it's a primal position that can help you get in the mood in a hurry.


Standing With Hooked Leg

Sometimes, the only way to guarantee alone time is to escape to the shower. Fortunately, there are ways to pull off this feat without slipping and sliding all over the place. As noted in Thrillist, for this position you will stand facing your partner, hook one leg around them, and proceed as usual. As long as there isn't a gigantic height difference, you can enjoy the stability this position provides.


Lap Dance

This position is perfect for the bed, couch, or (if you're really brave) car. You and your SO face one another, and then you sit in your partner's lap and go about business, as explained on the Health Site. It's an easy position that does not require much room at all.


Fire Hydrant

Remember, even nonpenetrative positions can be lots of fun. According to Refinery 29, the fire hydrant, in which your partner performs oral while you're standing tall, is an incredibly sexy position. This is one quickie you may want to last as long as possible.


Woman On Top

This is a fantastic position if you're feeling particularly aggressive. Plus, woman on top allows for deeper penetration and possibly G-spot stimulation, as noted in Everyday Health. You can go for it on top of the bed, kitchen table, washing machine, or any other sturdy surface.


Reverse Cowgirl

Few positions can make your brain go from "ordinary" to "sexy" mode as quickly as reverse cowgirl. This position, in which you're on top and facing your partner's feet, packs a lot of erotic action into a few minutes, as noted in Redbook. Plus, it will leave you feeling like a rock star for the rest of the day.



This is a romantic position that allows for all the eye contact and kissing you like. Also, you can take a tip from Marie Claire and grind against your partner while in this position for a little more friction. It's the perfect position for sweet sex before you turn in for the night.