Courtesy of Sara Di Donato

9 Reasons Everyone Should Try Anal Sex At Least Once

These days, anal sex doesn't carry the taboo of yesteryear. Still, a lot of ladies are hesitant to try it. Some fear the pain, while others fear the poop. If you have reservations, but are interested in trying it, the reasons everyone should try anal sex at least once could tip the scales in one direction.

If pain is your concern, you can easily avoid that by using a little lube. Since you don't have to worry about upsetting the pH of your anus like you do when using lube on your vagina, you can use the thickest, juiciest lube available. Or better yet, lube made especially for anal. Go Ask Alice recommended you use silicone lube for anal, because it's thicker than water-based lube, and doesn't break down condoms, like oil-based lube.

Another main concern is that people don't want to poop on their partner or partner's toy. If you want to make sure you don't leave your partner's shaft coated with sh*t, you can use an enema an hour or so before you engage in the act, recommended the McKinley Health Center. This not only leaves you feeling extra clean and confident back there, but it also "warms up" the area.

Even after clearing up these main concerns, you still may be a little hesitant. If so, consider these nine reasons to get you to open up to the idea of anal sex.


It Builds Trust

Contrary to the belief that anal is all about porn sex, it's actually a very intimate act and takes a lot of trust and communication. If you're trying a new sex act for the first time, trust is imperative.


It's Ideal If You Don't Like Having Period Sex

I personally don't like having sex when I'm on my period. But with anal sex, you can enjoy the act of sex without getting blood on the sheets.


It Adds To Your Kink Factor

According to The Stir, anal is still a bit of a kinky sex act, which makes it totally hot. And there are tons of positions to have anal in. So find the one that will make your first time kinky and comfy.


It Lets You Enjoy Lots Of Foreplay

I'm not one to subscribe to rules when it comes to sex, but there are a few. The first is that all sex should be safe. The second is that, if someone is using your backdoor, they should warm you up with some serious foreplay.


It Leads To Amazing Anal Orgasms

You might not have a prostate, but you can still have a butt-gasm. According to Bustle, you can have an anal orgasm, which literally opens up the flood gates of pleasure.


It Can Help With Vaginal Orgasms

"Women comfortable enough to enjoy anal sex are pretty much relaxed enough to orgasm," according to Slate. "They're women who get what they want." This point hinges on the fact that a major key to achieving orgasm is being able to relax your body, noted sex therapist, Vanessa Marin.


It Means Double The Pleasure

Double penetration is a possibility when you have anal sex. While your partner is pleasuring you in the back, use a toy for clit and vaginal stimulation and get off twice in one session. Now that's hot.


It Is An Equal Opportunity Hole

The thing about the butt hole is everyone's got one. So think of backdoor entry as a way to exercise equal rights.


It Makes You Feel Like A Badass

Pun totally intended. After you're done, you'll feel like a woman on top. Because you are, and though your sexuality doesn't totally define you, it's an important key to understanding yourself and what you and your body can do.