9 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Loving Quickies

It's been said that the best things come to those who wait, but sometimes waiting for those good things just can't be put off. Like, when you're feeling tingly in all the right places and only have 20 minutes to spare. Quickies have earned a bad rep for being meaningless and lacking in connection, and although I am sure happens from time to time, it isn't an all-encompassing picture. A quickie, done right, is just as satisfying as it's extended version, and there are multiple reasons not to be embarrassed about loving quickies, because there's more to them than just getting the job done.

If you're all in, a quickie can pack quite a punch. Even if you have to do a little warming up before diving in, there is nothing to be lost in these speedy sex sessions. You can still get all the lovin', have all the fun, and enjoy all those glorious benefits you get from longer sex. Plus, you have the added benefit of time, so you can get to all the other things you have to do today.

Don't let the taboos stop you from having satisfying quickies. Just take a look at these nine reasons you should never be embarrassed about your love of the quickie and you'll realize you're on to something good.


They Keeps Sex Spicy

If you're stuck in sexual monotony zone, you may be looking to spice things up. Quickies give you a chance to try something new and seize the moment, according to Psychology Today. The suddenness of the act may be all you need to break the routine.


They're Efficient

Busy schedules don't always line up and leave extra time for getting it on. Taking advantage of a small window of time with a quickie is a good use of the little down time you and your partner have.


They Provide More Excitement

Nothing gives you more of a rush than the feeling that you're doing something you shouldn't be. Quick little trysts can build up your sexual intensity when you do it in an unexpected location or on the spur of the moment, according to Cosmopolitan. Not everything has to be planned out to be perfect.


They Can Still Make You Orgasm

Women may shy away from the quickie because they worry it won't give them enough time to reach the finish line. But according to Women's Health, there are several ways to have the best quickies with just a little forethought.


They Let You Leave Your Clothes On

One of the greatest parts of a quickie, is not even bothering with getting undressed. Which is also part of the thrill — because you're so hot that just can't be bothered with zippers and buttons.


They're Healthy

Just because it's quick doesn't mean you don't get all those glorious health benefits. Having an orgasm relieves stress and boosts your immune system, according to Mind Body Green. Way to pack all those good-for-you rewards into a few minutes of fun.


They Mean More Sex, More Often

Who has the time and energy to sustain days and days of drawn out tantric sex sessions? Not many people I know. Fitting in quickies can happen easier and more frequently than hours of caressing and breathing.


They Help You Express Your Desire

Coming on to your partner on the spur of the moment makes them feel like you can wait to be with them. You have to rip off their clothes and do it right that very minute. This type of quickie will make your SO feel desired and wanted in a strong way.


They Help You Sleep Better

If you're having trouble catching some Zzzs, have a little quickie right before bed. Mother Nature's cure to insomnia, an orgasm helps you sleep sounder, according to Women's Health magazine. Get some booty and get some sleep.