9 Reasons To Have Sex On Your Period & Get Rid Of The Stigma

If there's one thing you can depend on each month, it's hosting your very own shark week between your legs. It's not fun, but as a woman, you have to deal with the monthly visit from your period as best you can. So why not have a little fun while surfing the crimson tide and lift the ban on having sex during your cycle? Not that you needed any reasons to have sex on your period other than wanting to, but there actually are some solid motivators for getting it on while enduring Mother Nature's red light special.

You may be surprised to learn that there is a significant upside to period sex. Not only does it help to bring relief to some of the most dreadful symptoms, it also primes you for some unusually enjoyable orgasms — so it's a good thing the days of the red tent are in the past. Try not to let any lingering stigmas about having sex while on your period ruin the opportunity for you to keep the love flame burning hot all month long. As long as you and your partner are cool with it, hop in bed and get to it, because these nine reasons to have sex while on your period will make you wonder what you have been waiting for.


It's A Release

During a time of the month when hormones run high, it's likely all those 'mones could be putting you in the mood. As The Frisky pointed out, giving into your urges while on your period is a nice release, and sure beats moping around feeling sexually frustrated.


You Don't Need Lube

Even though you're on your period, your body is ready to go for sex. According to Everyday Health, menstrual discharge typically provides ample lubrication for getting it on.


It Can Be Clean(ish)

Period sex doesn't always mean dealing with a huge bloody mess when you're done. To keep messes minimal, you can use condoms and menstrual cups, as Health magazine suggested. It doesn't hurt to throw down a towel as well to protect your bedding.


It Doesn't Effect Your Flow

When it comes to period sex, there are some myths that need busting. If you've heard that getting busy while Aunt Flow's in town means she'll stick around longer and stronger, than forget you ever heard that. As Cosmopolitan magazine reported, having sex while on your period does not effect the flow of your cycle.


It's A Headache Releiver

A common side effect of menstruating is headaches, but getting relief may be more fun than you think. Women's Health magazine reported that study from the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University found that half of female migraine sufferers reported relief after climaxing. So quick romp may be all you need to kick those period headaches to the curb.


It Gives You Better Os

That time of the month might be the best time of the month for chart topping orgasms. Being more aroused and extra lubricated set you up for a faster and stronger climax during your cycle, Prevention magazine reported.


You'll Have Less Cramps

If you're like me, then one of the most dreadful parts of having your period is the cramps. All the pain relieving goodness your getting from an orgasm works on those awful cramps too. Just another reason to make time for some action between the sheets.


It Boosts Your Mood

Hormone changes during your period can bring on some serious moods. Help keep your good vibes flowing with a some sexy action. According to Everyday Health, your body releases feel good endorphins after orgasm, which can help change menstrual moods from sad to happy.


You Want To

Just because the tampon's in town doesn't mean you have to shut down your vagina. The bottom line is, if you want to have sex while you're on your period, there is no reason you shouldn't. As long as your following the same safety you would while not on your period, you're protecting yourself from disease and pregnancy as usual.