9 Reasons Why Adult Nap Time Should Definitely Be A Thing At Work

That old saying “youth is wasted on the young” has never meant more to me than it has in recent years, since I started a family of my own. All of a sudden, I’m seeing youth in all its glory, up close and personal, and realizing, “I so did not appreciate that when I had it.” Which isn't to say I'm old; I'm not, but I'm also not a literal child. And literal children have it so sweet and they don't even know it. I mean, my toddler has it pretty good: He naps all the time, he has constant access to picture books, snacks, toys, and two full-grown adults who are pretty much at his beck and call. Speaking of... Hang on for just a minute; he’s asking for something right now.

OK, thanks. I’m back. Anyway, what I’m saying is that there are elements of a young child’s life that should totally be part of adult lives, too. I mean, adult coloring books are totally a thing now, so why does the trend have to stop there? Everyone’s second-favorite children’s activity, napping, totally deserves a comeback. In fact, there seems to already seems to be a burgeoning movement given the recent introduction of nap pods and nap rooms in some tragically hip and modern workplaces. For real though, there is science behind this trend, too (as well as many European countries who still favor the siesta) among some of the many other reasons that naps should be a thing:

We Are Tired And Require Some Rest

Let’s start here because it’s often the most overarching reason for a nap: the need for sleep. I mean, I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it all works. We get tired; we require sleep. Simple enough, right?

Sometimes Our Best Thinking Happens In Those Moments Right Before Sleep

I swear, one of these days, I’m actually going to remember the premise to that Great American Novel that I came up with at 10:55 p.m. last night. Or at least I will manage to write it down instead of assuming I’ll remember it, which I never do.

It's Something To Look Forward To

I’m not sure about you guys, but sometimes the only thought that gets me out of bed (aside from the fact that my toddler needs to be in the care of an adult, so, you know, off I go) is that there is a chance that I can nap again later in the day when he naps. To know there is a nap ahead of you is like knowing winning lottery numbers, or who makes it to the final rose on The Bachelor. It's a gift.

Chairs Can Be Uncomfortable

Right, yes, so let’s forgo chairs for a brief part of the day, but not in a way that requires movement or exertion. Who’s with me?!

Because Your Annoying Co-Workers Can’t Follow You Into A Nap Pod

But if they do, perhaps you might want to talk to HR?

It's An Excuse To Have Coffee Afterward

Some might see that a nap eliminates the need for afternoon coffee, but to these people I saw: You are thinking too small. A nap provides us with another opportunity to wake up, which means we should be looking at it as an additional opportunity to enjoy what’s obviously the best part of waking up: coffee, in your cup.

It's Also An Excuse To Bring Some Comfort Items From Home

I’d like it to be more socially acceptable for all of us to keep teddy bears and blankets at our desks.

It Provides A Break In Routine

It’s like recess but better, because it’s quiet and you can spend it alone.

Who Are We To Argue With History?

Specifically, with Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Edison, and Eleanor Roosevelt? You ponder that while I take a 20 in the snooze pod.