9 Reasons Why July Babies Are Total Badasses

Of course you already think the world of your baby, but there may be even more reasons to feel proud of your little one who was born in July. Seriously, birth months matter. So the cool reasons why your July babies are badass will only confirm what you already know, that your kid is freaking awesome. But hey, it's always fun to have even more reasons to back up this belief.

Although plenty of people are born during the summer, there's something special about July babies in particular. It's such a happy month, often filled with vacations and holiday celebration. The month even holds one of the rarest birthdays of all. In fact, July 4 is one of the most uncommon days to be born in America, as noted by TIME Magazine. This may be more about parents and doctors scheduling births around a holiday, but it's still another reason to be proud if your little firecracker happens to be born on the Fourth of July.

Any day in July is a great time to be born, though, as you and your kid already know. So here's even more reasons to celebrate your super-special baby with a birthday in the seventh month of the year.


Beautiful Birthstone

All birthstones are lovely, but your baby's rock is especially gorgeous. Known as the king of precious gems, the ruby is the birthstone for July babies, according to the American Gem Society (AGS). A strong stone with a deep red hue, rubies are associated with success, courage, and energy. These are all great traits for your baby, too.


Poolside Birthday Parties

Your July baby can look forward to years and years of poolside birthday parties. Having a birthday in the summer also means your kid will already be on summer vacation when each birthday rolls around. It's an ideal time for celebration.


Cool Signs

July kids get some seriously cool astrological signs. People born from June 21 to July 22 are considered the Cancer zodiac sign, whereas anyone born from July 23 to August 22 is a Leo, as explained by Astrology-Zodiac-Signs. Cancer signs tend to be intuitive and imaginative, whereas Leos are good-humored leaders, as further noted by Astrology-Zodiac-Signs. Hey, either of these signs sounds like a great option.


Fourth of July Celebrations

Even if your baby isn't born on Independence Day itself, there's still something awesome about sharing a birth month with this incredible holiday. Chances are, your kid will grow up with a special reverence for fireworks and backyard BBQs.


Gorgeous Birth Flowers

cIn addition to birthstones, there are also birth flowers associated with every month of the year. July birth flowers include the water lily, delphinium, and larkspur, which symbolize joy, fickleness, and sweetness, as explained by The Gift Exchange. Not all birth flowers have such pleasant meanings, however. The flowers for my birthday symbolize grief and hopelessness. At least your July baby doesn't have such a bummer bouquet.


Excellent Growth

Summer babies tend to grow up fast, and this idea is backed by actual evidence. Really, kids born in the summer months tend to be heavier at birth and taller as adults, according to a study of 503,325 UK residents in Heliyon. Although the exact reasons are still under study, it may be related to the higher levels of vitamin D these mother receive during the warmer months of the year.


Celebs Share Their Birth Month

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plenty of famous people were born in the seventh month of the year as well. In fact, celebrities born in July include Liv Tyler, Missy Elliott, Eva Green, Courtney Love, Sofia Vergara, and Jost Hartnett, as noted by Fandango. This is just to name a few.


Born Optimists

Chances are, your kid will look on the bright side of things. In fact, babies born in the summer tend to have a more positive outlook, according to a study from European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. They're all about that sunny disposition.


They're Yours

You're destined to love your kids and feel thrilled about their badass traits regardless of birth month. Your July baby already has a lot of cool things going on, but best of all, that baby is part of your family.