9 Reasons Why October Babies Are Badass

by Lindsay E. Mack

Every birthday month is special in its own way, but there's something particularly magical about October and anyone born during this month. Granted, as someone who has a birthday this month, I'm a little biased. But the reasons why October babies are badass still hold true.

Really, babies born during the most magical month of the year, AKA October, have a lot of positives. From mystical associations with certain zodiac signs to interesting scientific studies about birth months and human characteristics, October babies have a lot going for them. So if your due date is in the tenth month of the year, or you're an October baby yourself, there's plenty of reasons to be excited. These kiddos often look forward to certain health benefits and traits that are backed by science, which is beyond cool.

Plus, there's the whole aspect of autumnal birthday parties. Gorgeous outdoor parties decorated with pumpkins and apples are totally in the October baby's future. And those born later in the month can do combo Halloween and birthday parties, which is beyond amazing at any age. It's all a part of being born in what is basically the most enchanting month of the year. Keep reading to learn more about the ways October babies totally rock.


Gorgeous Birth Month

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In many areas, October is one of the most pleasant months of the year. The air is crisp but not yet cold, and the changing autumn leaves are beyond gorgeous. It's just a lovely time to enjoy the outdoors.


Beautiful Birthstone

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Babies born in the tenth month of the year get two birthstones. Both tourmaline and opal are October birthstones, according to the American Gem Society. Each of these beautiful gems comes in a whole rainbow of shades and colors.


Cool Zodiac Signs

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All zodiac signs have their perks, but the ones for October are especially awesome. Babies born from October 1 to 22 are Libras, who value harmony and security, as noted in Famous Birthdays. Meanwhile, kids born from October 23 to November 21 are Scorpios, who are driven and intense, as explained in Astrostyle.


Talent For Sports

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It looks like kids born in the autumnal months might have an athletic advantage. In fact, October-born children were found to be stronger than kids born in every other month of the year (except September and November), according to a 2014 study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. You just might have a future athlete on your hands.


Vibrant Birth Flower

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Of course October babies get a totally beautiful flower. In fact, the bright marigold is October's birth flower, as noted in Pro Flowers. Throughout history these flowers have been used for religious and wedding services, as well as fabric dye and seasoning for food, as further noted by Pro Flowers. It looks like these hearty fall plants are both useful and beautiful.


Celebrity Birth Month

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Plenty of celebrities share your October baby's birth month. For instance, Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts, and Simon Cowell were all born in October, as noted in Good Housekeeping. Your kid is in good company, birthday-wise.



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Here's to years and years of birthday cakes. As it turns out, babies born during the autumn months tend to live longer, as explained by a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The exact reason for these findings are still being studied, but it may be related to environmental factors linked to births during specific seasons of the year, as further noted in PNAS.


Presidential Birth Month

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This speaks well to your kid's leadership potential. Really, October has more US presidential birthdays than any other month, according to In Depth Info. John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter were all born in October, as further noted in In Depth Info.



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Even if your birthday is on October 1, it's still in the same month as Halloween. Magic and mischief are just a part of these 31 days, so it's a lovely month to be born.