9 Reasons You Might Not Enjoy Oral Sex That Are Totally Legit

If you visit a restaurant with a group of friends, it's a given that not all of you would want to order every dish. After all, even the most adventurous foodies tend to have some preferences for certain cuisines. This same attitude can apply to sexual matters as well: you're under no obligation to like everything. With that said, the reasons you might not enjoy oral sex that are totally legit may take you by surprise.

First, there are a few reasons you should not discount oral sex. If you feel like sexual acts are inherently dirty, or you're worried about the way your body looks or smells, then you may want to work through these issues first and give oral another chance. After all, there's nothing that will kill your libido for any type of sexual thrill quite like an overpowering sense of (completely undeserved) shame. In this case, trying to become more sex positive may help you feel more at home in your body.

On the other hand, you're under no obligation to love every sexual act just to prove you're not prudish or inhibited. Not all types of sex will jive with all people. So with that in mind, here are the perfectly understandable reasons you may not be super into oral sex.


You Prefer Other Things In Bed

Maybe you're really into that new vibrator, or you enjoy playing adult dress-up. Some women have no sexual hang-ups and prefer other things to oral, as noted in Thought Catalogue. And that's totally normal.


It Doesn't Get You To The O

Maybe your partner has spelled the alphabet backwards, and it left you no closer to orgasm at all. Hey, if all that effort could be better used elsewhere, why stick to oral? Go for what does help you get off.


It Does Nothing For You

For some women, receiving oral feels amazing. And for others? The whole act of oral can be underwhelming, as noted in Marie Claire. It isn't a glorious moment of surrender for all women.


It's Too Intimate

Maybe you're OK with oral in a long-term relationship, but it's too intimate for more casual encounters. That's a fair line to draw. You don't have to try out all acts with all partners.


The Sensation Is A Turn-Off

For some women, it may feel pretty divine. But other women may not be into the sensation of receiving oral, as noted in The Guardian. Maybe it comes across as more ticklish than erotic.


You're Asexual

Some people aren't into oral sex. Some people aren't into any type of sex, and that's cool, too. As a visit to The Asexual Visibility & Education Network proves, asexuals exist, and they're leading perfectly normal lives without experiencing sexual attraction. It's another viable way to identify.


You Need More Intense Stimulation

Sure, some women prefer the lightest touch. But others need a little more direct contact. As noted in Shepherd Express, some women need more intense stimulation than what oral can provide. Vibrating ring, anyone?


It Tends To Cause Infections

This completely sucks, but some women's areas are just very sensitive to outside germs. For some, this means that receiving oral sex may necessitate a trip to the doctor's office for a UTI or yeast infection. If you know your body reacts badly to oral, then you're perfectly welcome to stay away from the act. (However, you may want to work with your doctor to find ways to de-sensitize your body's sensitivity to sex.)


You Just Don't

This is a legit reason all on its own. If oral just isn't your cup of tea, that's fine. There are about 1,001 other things you can try out in the bedroom, so feel free to keep exploring until you find something that does strike your fancy.