9 Signs To Change Your OB ASAP

by Olivia Youngs

Pregnancy brings a lot of uncertainty into a mother's life. How will your labor go? Will your baby look like you or your partner? Will you actually enjoy those 10 months? One thing you shouldn't have to question, however, is your OB-GYN. Unfortunately though, just because someone has the proper certifications doesn't ensure that they're a good fit for you and your pregnancy. Learning the red flags that mean you should change your OB will save you plenty of stress in the long run, and will ensure that your pregnancy and delivery are handled the way you want them to be.

There's no binding contract that states you must stay with the very first (or second or third) OB-GYN you visit, so be sure that you find one you feel comfortable with before you stick around. Each doctor, much like each pregnancy they treat, will do things a bit differently than the next, and although that's usually a good thing, it can make finding one that fits your needs and personality a bit tricker than you may have expected.

Keep these red flags in mind at your next doctor visit if you're still on the hunt for the perfect OB for you.


They're Always Too Busy For You

Doctors are busy people. They treat multiple patients at once and almost always have their days packed with deliveries and check ups. But that should mean that you're always feeling like you're not their main priority. You might just have a 30 minute appointment with them, but during that 30 minutes, you should have their full attention. Similarly, if they never return your calls (or even give you the option to call outside of an appointment,) Baby Center noted you should probably move on to the next.


They Just Skim The Surface Of Your Questions

Even though you might not have a medical degree, your OB should never treat you like you don't deserve a full answer to your question, as taboo, strange, or complicated as it may be.


They Don't Listen

Like, really listen. The Bump noted that if you constantly have to repeat yourself or your questions or you have the feeling they aren't really listening to what you're saying, it's time to break up.


They Don't Value Your Birth Plan

Since you're the one who will actually be giving birth, it's important that your OB value and respect the way you want your labor to go. If you want to go drug-free, they should respect that. If you want all of the epidurals, they should respect that too.


You Don't Feel Like You Can Call In Between Appointments

Pregnancy can be scary and bring up a lot of questions. It's important that you have an OB that you feel you can call up at anytime (or at least call their office at any time,) and that you'll be helped.


They Don't Remember Your Name Or Specifics About Your Pregnancy

Of course your OB more than likely sees multiple patients, but that doesn't mean that they can't remember your name, how far along you are, or specifics about you and your baby.


They Order Routine Tests That Aren't Really Necessary Or You Don't Want To Participate In

Your doctor should never coerce you or make you feel like you have to do something, even if it's standard procedure. What To Expect noted that if you feel like your OB is doing something that is unnecessary, talk to them first, and if they don't listen or readjust their plans, it's ok to find a new one.


They Don't Have "Well Rounded" Opinions

Your OB should be open to other opinions and birth plans than might be their "ideal" option. For example, if they're suggesting that you have a C-section just because it's standard procedure for multiples, but you'd rather try a vaginal delivery first, they should be willing to consider your opinions without ruling them out immediately.


You Have An "Off" Feeling About Them

As with all things when it comes to your health and your baby, trust your instincts. If you get an "off" feeling about your OB-GYN, it's probably for a reason. Nothing is forcing you to stay.