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9 Royal Wedding-Themed Party Decorations That Meghan & Harry Fans Will Totally Flip For

by Emily Westbrooks

Royal wedding fever has definitely set in. Are you ready to host your royal wedding watch party? It's totally cheesy and maybe a little basic, but it's also totally irresistible. Meghan Markle is making history as one of the first mixed future princess, and while most things in 2018 have been pretty bad news, this is one piece of good news that deserves to be celebrated. If you're throwing a watch party, you need to get your act together and order some of these royal wedding themed party decorations, stat.

As a reminder that the royal couple is infinitely more stylish than the rest of us, how about some cake toppers with all their gorgeous outfits? Or maybe you need to stock up on royal wedding photo booth props, so you and your friends can pretend to be drinking tea with the queen instead of sitting in your pajamas at 4 a.m. wishing you had an occasion this fancy to attend. Or maybe you'll be really glad to have a Meghan and Harry coaster to set your drink on as you wait for the next royal wedding in about 30 years.

Now's the time to throw down with a royal watch party that's decked to the nines in true royal style. Whip up a batch of Yorkshire pudding, and offer a few prizes for best dressed (in their pajamas) and the most trivia questions about the royal couple answered correctly. Take bets on whether which guest's hat will be the biggest, and whether Harry will cry when he sees Meghan walking down the aisle.

It's definitely going to be the earliest party you've ever thrown, so you may as well make it memorable by including some authentic British food, adorable decorations, and definitely a few mimosa options. If you're ready to get decorating, here's where to start.


Royal Couple Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers ($3, Etsy)

4 a.m. might be a little early for cupcakes, but by the time they're ready to tie the knot you'll be ready to tuck into something sweet to keep your eyes open. These cupcake toppers are downright adorable and will provide your guests with a souvenir from the day.


Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props ($60, Etsy)

For commercial breaks, you'll want to set up a British-themed photo booth. And that means you'll definitely need British themed props! I call the king's crown! All this set is missing is a tiara.


Party Cups and Straws

Party cups and straws ($6 for 6, Etsy)

These cups personalized with iconic images from England, like Big Ben and double decker buses, not only look adorable, they'll keep your guests from forgetting which cup is theirs so early in the morning!


Royal Wedding Bunting

Royal wedding bunting ($26, Zazzle)

Love this patriotic bunting that incorporates each of the bride's and groom's heritage. You can hang it up especially for the party, but you know you'll want to keep it up for a little while longer.


Paper Plates

Paper plates ($2 for 10, Oriental Trading)

Dancing British soldier bears! They'll make you glad you woke up at 4 a.m. to eat English breakfast delicacies and judge the sartorial choices of the wedding guests.


Treat Bags

Treat bags ($16 for 8, Etsy)

You can send your guests home with a few English tea bags in these adorable London-themed treat bags.


Union Jack Party Hats

Union Jack party hats ($12 for 6, Etsy)

A set of traditional union jack colors and one in pastel for the future princess, these will turn any early-morning gathering into a party.


Tea Towel

Royal wedding tea towel ($14, Etsy)

This would make a great piece hang above the buffet table where you can stock up on drinks and breakfast treats.


Royal Wedding Coasters

Royal wedding coasters ($8, Etsy)

These are amazing. They could double as favors for your guests after they've used them to keep their mimosas from staining your coffee table!