9 Father's Day Texts To Send This Sunday

For many families, Father's Day means in-person celebrations with family and friends. It's possible, however, that you may not get to partake in the festivities honoring the man who's known you your whole life. So, you may resort to FaceTime or a simple text to send your well wishes. But what if you have no idea what to say? That's where sample Father's Day texts to send come in handy.

There are number of reasons you might want to send your dad a special Father's Day text, aside from not physically being at his celebration. Perhaps you're going to see him that afternoon, but want to chat with him in the morning. Maybe you are estranged for him and want to try to mend the relationship. Or maybe you and your dad aren't super close, and a text is the best way to wish him well without making yourself feel overly uncomfortable with the encounter. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to put into words how you feel about him or how much he matters to you and your family. If you need a little bit of help, here are nine examples to get you started. He'll appreciate the thought and effort, even if it doesn't seem like much to you.


For The Dad Who Likes Things Short And Sweet

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No need to draw things out. This text tells your dad all the important things he needs to know right away.


For The Dad You're Struggling With

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Relationships are messy and the one between you and your dad may not be rock solid right now. That's OK. If you still want to send him a text, letting him know how you feel while still somewhat keeping your distance can be a good way to do it.


For The Dad Who's Given You So Much

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Parents sacrifice a lot for their kids. Tell your dad how much you appreciate all the things big and small he's done for you time and again over the years.


For The Dad Who You'll See On Father's Day

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If you're sending your dad an early morning text before taking him out for breakfast, you're an overachiever. But that doesn't mean he won't appreciate knowing that he's in your thoughts all day long.


For The Dad Who's A Stellar Grandpa

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There's no better grandpa to your kids than your sweet dad. Tell him how much your whole family loves and appreciates him this Father's Day.


For The Dad Who Survived Teenaged Daughters

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Let's face it: the teenage years are rough on girls and maybe even rougher on those who love them. Thank your dad for riding them out and loving you through all the highs and lows.


For The Stepdad

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Stepdads can be just as important (or even more) than other dads. Tell him how much you appreciate him, too, on Father's Day.


For The Dad Who Doubles As Your Cheerleader

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Your dad has cheered you on in your activities, your education, your professional life, and your personal life. Tell him how much his never-ending support means to you.


For The Dad Who's Clearly The Best

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No dad is better than your dad. Make sure he knows it.