9 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Boss That Won't Get You Sent To HR

Office politics can be difficult year-round, but holiday office gift-giving can veer into exceptionally tricky territory. You want to give presents that are thoughtful, but not too personal. And if you draw your boss’ name in the company Secret Santa game, finding an appropriate Secret Santa gift for your boss comes with a whole new set of responsibilities.

This is a question that bugs office workers everywhere. For instance, at one of my old gigs, we would have an email chain a mile long filled with potential boss gift ideas ever holiday season. Movie tickets? Bottle of wine? Box of snacks? It can be tricky to hit the right note between thoughtful and appropriate. I know one team who gave their boss a customized bobblehead, and that remains one of my favorite boss gifts of all time. Of course, you really need to make sure everyone has the same sense of humor for a gift like that.

Fortunately, you can gauge your boss’ interests to find a perfect present. Whether she’s a tea aficionado or a world traveler, there is a perfect, affordable gift that will send the right message. Keep your boss — and wallet — happy with a little help from this guide.


For The Gardener

Air Plant Terrarium, $20, Amazon

A little greenery really brightens up an office, and air ferns are hardy enough for most environments. This pretty air plant terrarium will help beautify your boss' desk.


For The Golf Pro

Journey's Edge Swiss Everything 13 Function Pocket Tool With Led Flashlight Multi Knife, $12, Amazon

If your supervisor is an avid golfer, this neat Journey's Edge multi-function golfer's tool would be a perfect gift. With a divot repair, club cleaner, and ball marker, this handy tool is slim enough to fit on a key chain.


For The Coffee Addict

Coffee Tasting Set, $22, Amazon

This gourmet blind coffee tasting set lets your favorite caffeine fiend become a coffee sommelier. The four coffee samples come without labels, which allows the coffee drinker to enjoy the flavors without any bias. But don't worry — a code on the bag helps identify the brew later.


For The Tea Drinker

Tea Sampler, $7, Amazon

If the office tea stash leaves something to be desired, Zhena's gypsy tea sampler tin is sure to be a hit. Featuring 16 tea sachets, your boss will be able to sip their way through the afternoon.


For The Urban Survivalist

Multi Tool, $9, Amazon

If your boss likes to be prepared in any situation, this 11-in-1 multi tool card is a great choice. With a can opener, screwdriver, and wrench included in a tool that fits in a wallet, your supervisor will be ready for anything.


For The Chocolate Fan

Chocolate Collection, $20, Amazon

Got a chocoholic in your midst? Moonstruck's nine-piece chocolate collection is filled with handcrafted truffles in flavors such as French silk chocolate mousse and Champagne truffle.


For The Traveler

Destinations of a Lifetime, $27, Amazon

Does your globe-trotter need some new places to visit? Destinations of a Lifetime showcases gorgeous destinations, from islands to rain forests, giving your boss some ideas for their next vacation.


For The Environmentalist

MIU Glass Water Bottle, $10, Amazon

The MIU glass water bottle is a stylish and reusable option for your waste-averse boss. The glass is easy to wash, durable, and resistant to leeching flavors.


For The Writer

Fisher Space Pen, $16, Amazon

The Fisher space pen can write at any angle. This heavy-duty writing utensil will serve your boss for years to come.