9 Sentimental Mother's Day Gifts

Even though Mother's Day happens every year, it can be tricky to narrow down the gift options for the moms in your life. There are the standard go-tos: breakfast in bed, chocolates, flowers, child-made art projects. And although those are all good and fine, switching things up is never a bad idea. This year, instead of the tried and true options, tug at her heartstrings with a few sentimental mother's day gifts that will make her feel like the cherished mom she is.

Most moms don't get the attention, pampering, or credit they deserve, and Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to give the moms in your life a boost of appreciation and lovey-dovey feels through the gift you choose to give.

Granted, a single gift isn't adequate to express your appreciation for what moms do, but (coming from the mom of two toddlers,) it's a darn good place to start. Most of these gifts are relatively inexpensive or can even be made by hand using materials you already have around the house. But, as any mom knows, the price tag isn't really what matters, it's the amount of thought and intention behind the gift that's meant to make them feel as important and loved as they deserve to feel day in and day out.


DIY Naturally Dyed Ring Sling

Every new mom needs a sling to carry her baby — they're perfect for multitasking and can save her arms from exhaustion by carrying the weight of her little one for her. A Beautiful Mess has you covered with a gorgeous DIY naturally dyed ring sling that you can make in an afternoon. The fact that it's handmade will make it all the more special.


Personalized Name Canvas

What a Difference a Day Makes Canvas, $40, Personal Creations

Dates take on an even more important meaning for moms with more than one kid. This What a Difference a Day Makes canvas from Personal Creations would make the perfect decoration piece for any mom's home.


At Home Spa Day

Motherhood isn't exactly a walk in the park and more often than not, a little self-care will go a long way for helping the moms in your life feel rejuvenated and important. This DIY recipe for citrus-rose sugar scrub bars from Hello Glow would be the perfect simple and thoughtful gift.


Personalized Name Rings

Custom Name Rings, $29, Etsy

Whether she's got one kiddo or five, having their names as sweet reminders literally in the palm of her hand with these custom name rings from Etsy is the most thoughtful gift you can give.


DIY Letter Shaped Boxes

Send mama a message with this simple DIY letter shaped box tutorial from Studio DIY. You can have them simply spell "mom," or get more complicated and spell out "I love you." Take things one step further and fill each box with a small surprise.


DIY Wire Words And Vase Plaque

Keep the sweetness going with this DIY wire words and vase plaque tutorial from The Merry Thought. Fill the vase with some fresh flowers and her day will be made.


Personalized Gold Bar Bracelets

Gold Bar Bracelets, $35, Etsy

With a wide variety of personalization options these gold bar bracelets from Etsy make the perfect gift for moms who like their accessories to have meaning.


DIY House Photo Display

Moms are suckers for photos of their family, especially if they're beautifully displayed in these DIY wooden house displays from The Merry Thought.


Mama Mug

Clever Coffee Mug, $15, Etsy

Moms and caffeine are two peas in a pod. Make her coffee addiction even sweeter with a clever coffee mug from Etsy.