9 Sex Positions For Lazy Pregnant Women Who Still Want To Get It On

If your energy is being zapped by pregnancy, but you're still looking for a little bedroom action, why not give sex positions for lazy pregnant women a try? If you think this sounds too good to be true, I have some good news for you. There is a way you can kick back and relax while still enjoying an orgasm. And even more exciting is the fact that you can use any of these positions throughout the course of your pregnancy — no acrobatics or weird angels required. You can still get all the pleasure you crave, while barely lifting a finger.

As if you needed more motivation to get your groove on, it turns out that sex during your pregnancy has some amazing benefits. According to the website for Parents magazine, having orgasms while pregnant is good for you. Not only can pregnant women have some of the most intense Os of their life, but that release is an excellent stress buster as well. (Not to mention you'll continue to feel bonded with your partner.)

Don't worry if you feel like being a lazy sex partner every now and then. After all, you are hard at work, growing a human. When you need some good feels, take advantage of these sex positions for lazy pregnant women that may make you so comfy you'll enjoy a post-romp nap.



Lay back and snuggle up while your partner does all the work. Aside from being relaxing, Fit Pregnancy reported that this position makes for shallow penetration which may feel nice if you're experiencing any and vaginal pressure from your pregnancy.


Missionary With A Pillow

Take the pressure off your back, by using a pillow to prop up your hips in missionary, as Prevention magazine suggested. Once your settled in, you can lay back and enjoy the fun.



According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the cliffhanger is an amazing oral sex position for clitoral stimulation. While lying on the bed, scoot to the edge and let your legs hang over the side. The your partner can kneel down between your legs and get to work.


Doggy With A Pillow

Make a slight modification to doggy style by sliding a pillow under your belly for support, as Baby Center suggested. This way you won't need to use an extra energy to keep your belly from hitting the bed.


The Lap Pose

Enjoy a romp while sitting down with the lap pose. According to What To Expect, this sex position is great for pregnant women, and is done by having your partner sit in a chair while sit on their lap, with your back facing your partner.


Side By Side

If you feel like doing minimal work, side by side may be your new fave. According to The Bump, lie facing your partner and have them put one leg over yours. Bonus: this keeps any weight off your baby bump.


Reverse Cowgirl

Woman on top positions, such as reverse cowgirl, put you in control. As Refinery 29 pointed out, this position allows pregnant women to control the angle for maximum comfort, and doesn't put any stress on the belly.


X Position

If you can handle deep penetration, this is a great position that still allows you to be lazy. After arranging your legs with your partner's to form an X, lie back and enjoy the pleasure, as Women's Health magazine suggested.


Bathtub Sex

Have a little romp in the bubbles with some fun (and relaxing) bathtub sex. According to Glamour magazine, remember to not the water get too hot and have fun with some easy seated positions.