9 Sex Positions That Burn More Than 100 Calories, So You Can Skip The Gym

If you ask me, the only thing better than sex position that guarantees a wild orgasm is a sex position that burns more than 100 calories. Not only does the idea of a sweat inducing sex session entice me because it kills two birds with one stone, but because spicing it up and tossing new positions into the line up is downright fun. According to Woman's Day, a hefty make out session can burn up to 238 calories every half an hour, so imagine what adding in a tricky position could add to that party. A few more calories burned? Yes, please.

Of course it's not recommended that you replace your entire workout routine solely with sex, but a few times a month you absolutely can substitute a few of these positions in for your core workout. Or arms. Or legs. Depending on what strikes your fancy, you can work out several muscles groups in one session all while getting your blood pumping and your heart rate racing. Another cherry on top of this sexual sundae? These sex positions are completely free of charge, and will help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to working out. And I have a feeling your partner won't mind working out these routines with you one bit.



If you're both standing up, there's a bit of a balancing act going on. If your partner is holding you up, your partner will obviously burn more calories, but you can still utilize your leg muscles and your arm muscles while holding on. The Date Report reported on a study from Yahoo that said you can burn up to 600 calories in a vigorous session of standing up sex.



Girl on top is one of the biggest calorie burning sex positions out there. Of course, it all depends on how vigorous of a session you get yourself into, but according to Woman's Day, with the cowgirl position you can burn up to 270 calories in a half an hour. And it sure beats squats, doesn't it?


Reverse Cowgirl

Much like it's counterpart, reverse cowgirl can burn you a serious amount of calories. According to this sex calculator, an average jane can burn around 100 calories during 20 or more minutes of "fun and frisky" reverse cowgirl sex.



Khloe Kardashian uses the handy dandy sex calculator to calculate how many calories she burns in each position, and found that the bridge (which she says is for yoga masters due to it's tricky positioning) can burn up to 100 calories in just 15 minutes.


Doggy Style

In that same blog post, Kardashian found that for an woman of average height and size, during an average sex session, that doggy style can burn around 100 calories per half an hour of sex.



Men's Fitness also did their research to create a sex and calorie calculator. According to their sex calculator, a woman that weighs 150 lbs can burn up to 683 calories while having sex in the wheelbarrow position.


Legs In The Air

According to that same calculator from Men's Fitness, a woman of the same size can burn right around 500 calories while having sex with their legs in the hair. Just make sure you stretch before you get yourself into any compromising positions, just like you would at the gym.



Utilizing mostly your core and your glutes, the lotus position is considered a more passive sex position. That doesn't mean you can't still burn some major calories if you put the work in. Considering this is basically a sexual yoga pose, it should come as no surprise that Kardashian's sex calculator clocks you in at burning up to 100 calories in 25 minutes with this position.



If you want to give yourself a major core workout and burn some calories, try out the arch position next time you're looking for a sex workout. Certified sex educator Yvonne K. Fulbright told Fitness Magazine that in this position, "she's using the same muscle groups as for the bridge, only working them harder because she's using less to hold herself up." Which means that you can burn more than 100 calories in 15 minutes.