9 Sex Positions You've Never Tried, But Should

Classic sex positions are great. There is so much to love about missionary, girl-on-top, and all of the other go-to favorites. But it’s still fun to switch things up every now and then. The sex positions you’ve never tried (but should) are fresh, adventurous, and fun.

Even if the new poses aren't ones you'd want to repeat on the red, you and your partner can still have fun trying something new. Worst case scenario, you'll at least have something to laugh about in the morning, and you'll appreciate your usual positions even more.

Sure, you may need to work out some muscles you haven't thought about in years, but these positions are definitely worth the effort. Whether you're into missionary, standing, or sitting positions, these variations on the classics are all pretty exciting. And best of all, you don't have to be a member of Cirque du Soleil to pull these off: most are perfectly feasible for normal humans.

So the next time you and your SO want to heat things up a bit in the bedroom, try out one of these adventurous sex positions. Who knows? If you come up with your own variation, maybe it will be named after you.



Remember the crab walk from gym class? This is the grown-up version. As explained in Women's Health, you and your partner both face one another while in the "crab walk" position and . . . go from there. It gives you both control over the movements.


X Marks The Spot

Not all positions have to be crazy-difficult. According to Cosmopolitan, for this position you just lie back, bring up your knees, and cross your ankles. When you and your SO get down to business, you will appreciate the extra squeeze.


Butt Lift

OK, this isn't as difficult as it sounds. Follow this tidbit from Refinery 29 and lie back, throw your ankles over your partner's shoulders, and let your SO go to town. It's a fun twist, and you get a nice stretch in the process.



Not all unique positions have to be difficult. As explained by Self, this is like the face-to-face version of spooning. It just involves a bit more penetration.



Sitting positions are often overlooked. As explained in Fitness, you and your SO can embrace one another while sitting for this position (it helps to check out the illustration). If you're into yoga, it's kind of like you and your partner both face one another in the — you guessed it — lotus pose.



Yes, this is the move Beyoncé mentions. According to Your Tango, you can pull it off by doing cowgirl in a bathtub full of water. It's the most fun you can have in your bathtub.


The Hot Seat

This is another great sitting technique. While facing the same way, you take a seat on your partner and enjoy the ride, as explained in Men's Health. It's like the best parts of woman-on-top and doggy style at the same time.


The Hanging Garden

OK, so this one isn't for every couple. But if you and your SO have serious core strength, then the hanging garden, in which your standing partner supports your weight during the act, may be a fun choice, according to Thrillist. It's a varsity-level standing position.


The Crouching Tiger

Yes, even going at it from behind can benefit from some variations. Take some advice from Redbook and lower your chest to the bed when you're engaged in some back-way play. This will give you and your SO an even tighter fit.