9 Erotic Things To Do For A New Mom On Valentine's Day That She'll Flip For

Most new moms aren't very likely to describe much going on in their lives as sexy. There's a ton of love floating around for the new babe and maybe even for their partner as they watch them become parents to a new little life, but there's not a lot of fiery sexiness for at least the first few months. That can make Valentine's Day a little tricky, especially if your go-to present used to be lingerie. So here's your cheat sheet of sexy things to do for new moms on Valentine's Day that she actually really, really wants and will very much appreciate.

When you're a new mom, your priorities change, so her wish list this year might not look exactly like what she was hoping for last year, pre-baby: extra sleep, nourishing food they don't have to cook themselves, and a clean house all top her list. While no new mom I know is ready for their partner to buy them any sort of underthings, simple, helpful and thoughtful gestures can actually be very sexy. And taking any tedious tasks off her list, from dealing with groceries to keeping the house clean, can leave a little more space for her to relax and, dare I suggest, sexier.

Full disclosure, these aren't guaranteed to get you in the sack tonight, but they are all certifiably new-mom sexy. Trust.


Flex Your Muscles...

While emptying the Diaper Genie. And while you're at it, the recycling could really use emptying as well. Any new mom isn't terribly excited doing the heavy lifting around the house, what with having just pushed a baby out of her nether regions, but it would be awfully sexy if you did want to take care of all of those tasks.


Make A Sexy Online Purchase

From the grocery delivery site. And add a bunch of flowers and at least one bar of chocolate to the order. It's guaranteed to make her smile.


Whisper Sweet Appreciations In Her Ear

She might not be up for having you whisper about sexy times in her ear, especially if she hasn't gotten the all-clear from her doctor for that activity yet, but she will probably really enjoy hearing you whisper how proud of her you are or what a great job she's doing with your new little one. And heck, it's a good way to test whether or not she is up for some sexy whispering yet!


Invite Another Lady Into The Mix

No, not that sort of threesome... But your new mom really does want another person in her house: the kind that cleans. Find one, book one, and let her chill while you take care of the baby for a couple hours.


Get Up All Night Long

No, not keep her up all night long like you possibly were when you were making the baby, but get up whenever the baby, or your new mama, needs you. A show of solidarity is downright sexy. It's not always possible for a new mom to stay snuggled in bed throughout the night if she is breastfeeding, but if you can take the night shift, do it. If that's not logistically possible, make a point to get up with your partner to make sure she has everything she needs, whether that's diapers, wipes, her magazine, or even just a drink of water and a snack. You could also let her stay in bed and bring the hungry baby to her.


Make a Candlelit Dinner...

Or lunch, or breakfast. With all the brain space your new mom gains not having to think about her next meal, she might just start thinking about how sexy you are.


Sensually Massage Her Feet

Or just book her a pedicure. It's probably been a while since she's seen those toes and even longer since they've been pampered.


Pour Her A Glass Of Magical Love Potion

Also known as alcohol, that sweet substance she wasn't allowed to imbibe for forty weeks. Pour her a glass of wine at the perfectly calculated time so that it won't also intoxicate your breastfeeding baby.


Set Up A Photo Shoot

No, not the kind where she's in sexy lingerie or less. The kind where you snap a few photos of her loving on the new little life in your family. Give her a little notice (and keep the little one calm) so she can take a shower, and you've given her a gift that will keep on giving.

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