9 Shampoo Mistakes You Might Not Know You're Making

If I were ever to become rich and famous, the first thing I would do is hire someone to wash and style my hair every day. Because although washing your own hair isn't a particularly taxing event, it is an ultra-luxurious experience to have someone else take the reigns. It’s relaxing to have someone massage your scalp into a cleaner state, and not to mention it prevents you from committing some major hair washing mistakes.

Although I only get to experience this luxury every six weeks when I go to get my hair done, I spoke to Max Tyler of Antonino's Salon to see how I could take better care of my hair in the meantime. "Washing your hair isn't as simple as you think," Tyler says. He admits that stylists see the negative effects of poor washing techniques when clients sit down in their chair. "Dandruff, product build-up, dry scalp, brittle strands, we see it all. Not every hair emergency can be solved by washing your hair the right way, but a lot of them can be prevented if you do your part."

From the way you wash to picking the right product, below are nine hair washing mistakes you probably didn’t even know you were making.


You're Washing Too Frequently

Not all hair is created equal, and not every mane needs to be washed every day. "If you're washing your hair every day and it's dry, adjust your schedule," Tyler says. If you're concerned about sweat or grime, but your hair isn't oily, Tyler recommends rinsing your hair, but not using any product.


You're Not Getting Your Hair Wet Enough

To make sure your hair gets the most thorough washing, Tyler suggests standing under the water for at least a minute before you grab the shampoo. This makes sure you "rinse out the previous day's product" before the scrub. Not enough moisture can also prevent your hair from lathering up nicely, causing you to use more product than necessary. Save your hair and your pennies by taking the extra time to soak up that water before you wash.


You're Using The Wrong Product

Instead of grabbing whatever's on the shelf, search for a shampoo and conditioner that's tailored to your hair type. When in doubt, Tyler says to ask your stylist.


You're Using Too-Hot Water

"Don't keep the water too hot," Tyler says. "Extremely hot water will dry out your scalp, leaving it itchy and leaving you more prone to dandruff." If you're looking for extra shine, Tyler recommends using a blast of cool water at the end of your routine.


You Always Start In The Same Spot

Applying shampoo in the same place every time you wash is easy, but Tyler doesn't recommend it. "If you notice the top of your scalp is dry, try applying product elsewhere first," he says. "Piling on product in the same place for too long can dry out your scalp and encourage product build up." Next time you're in the shower, try applying your shampoo at the base of your neck.


You're Not Rinsing Everything Out

It may seem silly, but if your hair is flat and lifeless, make sure you're rinsing out all of the product properly. "Leaving product in can harm your hair," says Tyler. "Spend an extra minute under the water to ensure you're getting all of the product out."


You're Using Too Much Product

Too much of anything is not a good thing, and that includes shampoo. If you're overdoing it with shampoo in the shower, you can actually over-lather your hair, and wind up drying out your hair follicles. Tyler recommends using about a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo to prevent this.


You're Washing It Out Too Quickly

"Shampoo should be left in your hair for one or two minutes," says Tyler. "Don't speed-wash your hair and think you're going to get great results." Apply shampoo, lather up, and let it work its magic before you rinse it all out.


You Shampoo And Condition The Same Way

Shampoo and conditioner do different things, so they should be used differently. "Shampoo should focus on the roots of your hair," says Tyler. "And conditioner should focus on the ends."

Pay attention to how your hair reacts to making these small adjustments, and you'll be well on your way to the luscious locks of your dreams!

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