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9 Shows Coming To Netflix In November

by Megan Walsh

You might not have finished working through your Netflix queue of new shows and movies from October, but the proliferation of content stops for no one. Even more original series will be premiering on the streaming service this upcoming month, and these are just 9 of the shows coming to Netflix this November. Some shows will be returning for new seasons, but others will be starting from scratch; the genres on offer vary widely, from serious dramas to lighthearted animated comedies.

You should be able to find something for every mood: if you need the comfort of British baked goods or the melodrama of reality TV, you're set. If you'd prefer political machinations to supernatural adventures (or vice versa), then Netflix has a show that might work for you, too. When Thanksgiving (hopefully) lends you a few free days during which to marathon something on your couch with a plate full of leftovers, you can count on Netflix to keep you entertained for hours. With so many options, you'll be busy catching up on new content all the way until Christmas.

So if you're looking for a series to stream over the next several weeks, you can try one of these shows coming to Netflix in November 2018.

House Of Cards: Season 6 (November 2)


Fans of House of Cards might be curious to see how it finishes out its shortened final season on November 2, when its last eight episodes will finally bring the show to a close.

Super Drags (November 9)


Drag queens Shangela, Ginger Minj, and Trixie Mattel lend their voices to Super Drags, a cartoon about three department store workers who transform into superheroes at night.

Westside (November 9)


Westside is an unscripted series that follows nine aspiring musicians as they try to find success while living in Los Angeles. If you're missing The Hills or simply looking for some new music, it could be the perfect choice.

The Great British Baking Show: Collection 6 (November 9)


Though the judges and hosts have changed, perhaps a new season of The Great British Baking Show will be just as heartwarming as the ones that came before.

Oh My Ghost (November 13)


In Oh My Ghost, a shy chef becomes possessed by a spirit who gives her a jolt of newfound confidence that might just draw the attention of her crush.

Narcos: Mexico (November 16)


Narcos: Mexico is a companion series to the Netflix series Narcos that shifts the setting to focus on the drug trade in (you guessed it) Mexico. Diego Luna and Michael Peña star.

The Final Table (November 20)


If you're hungry for a more competitive cooking show, then The Final Table might work for you. In each episode, talented teams of chefs create food inspired by a specific country, facing elimination at the end of every challenge.

Sick Note: Seasons 1 & 2 (November 23)


Both the first and second seasons of British series Sick Note will be premiering on Netflix in November, saving you from having to deal with a long wait once you finish the Season 1 finale.

Death By Magic (November 30)


Death By Magic follows magician Drummond Money-Coutts as he recreates famously dangerous stunts that have previously cost other magicians their lives. Its mix of illusion and genuine danger will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Any one of these shows could end up becoming your favorite this November. But if not, there's always next month.